Qusai Information Systems eZee in Synergy with Qusai Information Systems

Qusai Al Hezaji

Partner Since: 2008

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Retail Solutions, Government Solutions, Networking



What makes one a good distributor is the ability to understand the market and find opportunities to sell the services. He takes the next step towards becoming an excellent partner by citing suggestions to the company for its improvement and evaluating the products. Identically, to achieve expertise in the industry; a company needs to comply with the partner and assist them round the clock.

Qusai Information Systems (QIS), in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; partnered with eZee in the year of 2008. Prior to that, QIS primarily fixated its work on retail software development, hardware solutions and IT consulting. As they were a novice in the industry, eZee was committed in providing endless support to QIS, thereby ensuring new clients and widening of their horizons.

Despite of being a complete neophyte in the hotel industry, QIS rapidly caught up with the functioning of eZee Products with the inclusion of eZee’s 24x7 support. This worked as a bonus when QIS was adamant on flourishing from the sale of eZee Products.

eZee's Support

eZee’s beneficial partner program encourages the resellers in finding constructive opportunities to sell the products, and thus establishing a resilient range of eZee’s Hospitality solutions over their region.

Qusai Al Hezaji; owner of Qusai Information Systems never considered the geographical distance as any matter of concern because of eZee’s extensive services to its clients. Owing to the competent partnership, he perceived that eZee has always headed for the development and evolution of its products for the advantage of clients and resellers. The quintessential products and support of eZee made QIS a leading hospitality solutions provider in country.

Testimonial From Qusai

When asked about his experience and future with eZee, Qusai Al Hejazi said, "Our first few days with eZee just felt like the good old days. Learning something new was exciting as well as edgy for all of us. What made us rely more on eZee was the excellent support, understanding management and remarkable products. The Partner Support provided by eZee especially Suhel, ensures the unchallenged position in this hospitality market. I certainly see a bright and fruitful future with eZee."


Today, QIS stands second to none in substantiating a strong market for eZee’s complete range of hospitality solutions in Saudi Arabia. Many of the renowned properties in that region have been implementing eZee’s products on account of QIS team’s hard work; which include Infinity Hotel Makkah, Best western Fursan, Tulip Inn sea view, Aswar hotel suites and Duset hotel suites to name a few. QIS has been adept in establishing a formidable name for eZee’s products over all these years, thus permeating Saudi Arabia’s hospitality industry.