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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of organization is a best fit to enroll in eZee's Partner Program?

Any business that serves the hospitality industry or intends to provide IT services to hospitality industry can become a reseller. Our current resellers fall into following types of business: IT Solutions providers and IT Consulting providers, Hospitality Consultants, Travel Agents, Hotel Owners, IT Managers of Hotels, FrontDesk operators, Networking and security system integrators, Hardware Vendors, Software Vendors and Software developers, Website Designers, Telecommunication Companies, Suppliers of POS Machines, DVR, CCTV, Hotspot solution provider and related Freelancers, ERP Implementers, Software retail shops.

Who should not join eZee Partner Program?

Any partnership that doesn't have equal contribution from both sides would not last long. eZee is looking for affiliation only from responsive and self-motivated parties who are willing to work hard, understand and satisfy the clients’ needs; consequently profiting from this win-win situation. Initially, eZee requires all its associates to get acquainted with the products they want to resell. Apart from that they need to be updated with the new features that are added to the products periodically. eZee also requires the resellers to follow up all the leads that we relay to them, and report their status to us on regular basis.

What are the pre-requisites to get acquainted with eZee Products?

A fundamental computer and hospitality industry knowledge is required to get acquainted with most of our products. Besides, an appetite to learn the software is certainly required for that matter.

Though our support executives are available 24x7 to reply to any kind of queries, we make it essential for our partners to take our free product training once they are enlisted in the partner program.

How can I start reselling your products / what is the process of enrolling as a reseller for eZee?

We highly recommend to initially study the products that you want to resell. Once you are satisfied with our offerings, fill up the Be a partner form. Our coordinator will get back to you within 24 hours to further guide you with the process.

Can we start reselling eZee products without learning them?

We make it a compulsion for at least 1 person from your team to be well acquainted with eZee products. We prefer to partner with only those companies who want to work genuinely to resell our products. If you don't want to learn our products and yet sell our software; you can choose the option of being a lead forwarder. Please contact our partners’ team for more information on that.

Is it necessary to visit eZee Office for the partners?

No, absolutely not. You don’t have to visit us to be a partner. However, various worldwide resellers have visited us from time to time for meetings and training purposes. Recently associates from countries like Australia, Bahrain, Botswana, Canada, Congo, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sudan, Thailand, UAE, United Kingdom, United States, Zambia and Zimbabwe paid a visit to eZee headquarters.

Can I do sales outside my region?

You are free to do sales outside your locality, only If there is no eZee reseller in that region. But in case we already have a platinum reseller in that region, we don't allow those sales under your account to preserve interest of the reseller already located in that region. Nonetheless, such cases can be resolved individually and the commissions can be shared if our reseller of that region agrees.

What is the commission structure of various eZee products?

The commission structure varies according to the types of reseller programs. Please contact us to know more

Does a channel partner have the flexibility to market on the Internet?

Yes, channel partners are allowed to market eZee products on the Internet. Since eZee also runs Google Adwords program with many other campaigns in various countries, we recommend all our resellers inform us about it so that we do not face duplicate campaigns for the same products.

What is the credit policy for the partners?

The credit policy is formulated depending upon various criteria. Our Partner Program Manager will discuss this during the enrollment.

How does eZee generate leads and what does it do with the leads?

eZee possesses good ranking on various search engines for several targeted keywords. Additionally, eZee carries out various ad campaigns on Google and other sites in various regions across the globe. Furthermore, eZee has a team of online researchers too; who collect hotel data and invite clients to take a demo of our products. All these objectives help eZee to generate an extensive number of leads. The leads are further forwarded to resellers in that particular region for them to follow up.

How much do I earn by becoming a reseller for eZee?

Your earning solely depends on your hard work. Basically, you earn on the commissions offered over selling eZee solution. Thus, the better you perform, the more you earn.

Can I get a pricing sheet for all the products you offer?

Yes. Please contact us for getting pricing list of our products.

Why are eZee products price not listed on the websites?

As per the request of most of our partners, we don’t keep our prices open so that you add your commission and present it to your lead. If required, resellers can modify the pricing that suits them, add other services that they offer in the quote (if relevant) and send it further to the client. However, our prices are open for all our cloud products.

Are we required to show our pricings, quotations and agreements given to our clients to eZee?

No, eZee doesn't require any of the above things from you. eZee will simply send an invoice to you for product sales as per its base price after deducting your commission amount.

How much time it takes to implement various eZee products?

The implementation time for each product is different and depends upon various aspects; like the knowledge of the reseller (if they implement), computer literacy level of the Hotel staff, availability of the hardware during implementation, the size of the property and other related information.

  • eZee FrontDesk generally takes 3 to 10 days for implementation and training.
  • eZee Burrp takes 3 to 6 days.
  • Implementation of all our web based products like eZee Absolute, eZee Reservation, eZee Centrix, eZee iMenu, eZee iFeedback and Appytect are done by eZee and training for the same takes generally 1-3 days depending on various factors.

The development time of additionally requested features depends upon the type of customizations.

My clients are asking me technical questions that I cannot answer. Would you help?

Yes, you and your clients are always welcome to contact our tech support 24/7/365. However, once you have gained sufficient knowledge about our software, we request you to provide first level support to your clients. For all the questions which you can't answer; your client or your team mates can directly contact eZee support.

For any enhancements and changes to the products, we recommend you to send us a detailed email explaining the requirements rather than discussing on live support.

How can I get more info about eZee products? Do you offer free demo?

Yes, we have a free demo available for all our products on their individual product websites.

What are your training programs and their online and offline options?

eZee offers free one-on-one dedicated training for all products and service to clients, resellers and leads. You can schedule a training here. Besides, we recommend you to provide similar training in your region, as that increases our chances to win over clients. Once they take training, our conversion ratio of a lead to a client is above 80%.

Apart from that eZee also provides on-site training and implementation to your clients on your behalf, but there are charges applicable for the same. Additionally, we offer free training to your team at our office, whereas the same training at your location will be incurred by you.

Would I or my clients be able to localize the product as per our country standards?

Yes. Most of our products have a localization option in the configuration section from which the most obvious localization can be done by you or your clients. In case of some extremely infrequent localization, you need to check with eZee support team for the possibilities and time schedule for the development of the same.

What and how will the implementation of the software be carried out?

We, at eZee provide all of our resellers and their clients with an an on-boarding process for the products they take on. In this on-boarding procedure, our executives will help you installing and implementing our products, and become acquainted with system.

Does your product come with tutorials, help or any training documents?

Yes. All eZee products come with easy to understand user manuals and help written in simple English language. As of now we don't have the manuals available in other languages. We have developed some product videos for your assistance, you can watch videos on eZee’s YouTube channel.

Do eZee products integrate with each other?

Yes, all of the eZee products seamlessly integrate with one another. Aside from eZee products integrity; a large number of 3rd party software and hardware interfaces are available in eZee products. You can find the list of interfaces on individual product websites.

Do you offer customization of your products?

eZee has a huge development team which works on enhancing the products constantly. If you need any customization, please inquire with the support team whether such customization is under development phase or if it has been already planned for our next versions. We have also observed that resellers often request for features which are already present in the software. The priority of the development of any customization depends upon each case. If you have a unique customization which applies to a particular client, then eZee offers such customization on chargeable basis.

If required, can we talk directly with the technical team?

Our support team is well trained to understand any technical talks at an acceptable level. Thus we always recommend our resellers to communicate with our support team initially. If the need arises, our support team will consult our technical team through a group discussion for highly technical issues. In some cases, especially while integrating third party applications with our products, like key card integration and accounting software integration; our technical team will directly confer with you.

Apart from that, all our platinum partners have access to cell phone numbers of management executives which they can use in emergencies.

Can I appoint further resellers under me?

Yes, you can appoint sub resellers under your company name in your allocated region. Many of our resellers are already doing that successfully. Generally in such cases the resellers share their commissions on different % level that suits them. In case of product license we only deal with the reseller appointed by us and not the sub resellers.

How does the White label (Private Label) Solution work?

Please go through our private label program details for more information.

Does eZee require its partners to purchase hardware from only designated sources?

eZee Technosys is a software development company. We do not market or distribute hardware, nor do we require our partners to purchase any hardware from specific vendors. As a channel partner, you have the flexibility to use any compatible hardware that best fits your business model. However, we strongly recommend that our channel partners consider using the certified hardware as it’s the best practice. If you fail to arrange the hardware, we can offer you suggestions if we have options available for the type of your requirements.

Do we get any official certifications of resellers from eZee?

Yes, we provide our channel partners with an official sealed certificate stating them as representative of eZee Products. If legally required, eZee can even offer our company registration papers along with our affiliations with the Chamber of Commerce and other documents stamped from Indian embassy.

How can I get more information about channel partner program?

Please send us an email with all your queries and our business executive will get back to you to discuss further about them.

What are the charges to become a reseller? Why do you charge reseller deposit?

eZee receives a good number of reseller enquiries on daily basis. Unfortunately not all those enquiries are genuine which end up being a bad business situation for us. Besides, in most cases we only appoint 1 reseller per region unless the region is very big. If we sign a contract with a company which isn't keen enough to produce any results; we not only have a loss of opportunities wasted by means of leads that we send to them, but we also lose any new reseller opportunities we get which we could not entertain as we were obliged with the non performing resellers. We don't charge any expenses for becoming our reseller, but we ask for some deposit amount based on the region applied. This deposit is redeemed when the reseller makes the sale. Most of our resellers redeem the deposit in just few sales. Through these small deposits, we perceive the seriousness of the reseller being appointed. As this amount is easily redeemed by the resellers, join us virtually without any costs.

How does eZee reimburse the deposit money?

Here is a short example of how to reimburse the deposit.

Assume that you have paid $8000 as the reseller deposit to eZee for platinum reseller-ship where you get 40% commissions,

Your opening balance with eZee is 8000 to start off.
Assume you make a Sale @ 10,000 (eZee Base Price, not considering your markups)
Your commissions: 4000 (@ 40%)
Due to be paid to eZee: 6000
Your Balance with eZee: 8000
Your balance with eZee after this sale: 2000 (8000 - 6000)

Your Second sale is say of 4000 (eZee Base Price)
Your commissions: 1600 (@ 40%)
Due to be paid to eZee: 2400 (4000 - 1600)
You're previous balance with eZee: 2000
Your balance with eZee after this sale: -400

Thus on completion of this sale, you end up paying only 400 to eZee, while all your deposits are fully utilized after this sale. For all future sale after this, you will have to remit the 60% of the eZee base price.

After introducing the deposits recently, we have had a reduced numbers of reseller enrollments. Instead, now we get only determined enrollments which we can look forward to work for long period to mutually benefit each other.

Note: All the numbers are shown are for illustrative purposes only. Annual maintenance charges, reseller’s mark-up, reseller’s gain from training and implementations are not taken into consideration, to make the calculations easy to understand.