Hotels sell rooms through the website you create. We manage those rooms.

And this little intersection is a perfect partnership place.

Offer our hotel software with your design and marketing services and give them all that they need to manage a modern hospitality business.

Here is why you should do that

Long term continuous incomes

Resell eZee solutions to earn hefty partnership discounts and commissions with regular subscriptions as long term continuous income.

Hotel management with branding

Offer complete hospitality solutions. Booking engine, Channel manager, hotel PMS and much more with your branding services.

Expand business and upsale

Reach deeper markets. Acquire more clients with extensive portfolio. Upsale and cross sell. Expand sales and revenue streams.

Some of many who are eZee partners already

Testimony to our partnership pursuit so far

You create great online impression. We create great on-site impressions. Hence, if we partner, this is how the journey looks like

You enroll with us for partnership.

You get resources, training, support and everything you need.

We look over your market and you jump start with selling eZee solutions.

Your hotel clients are happy that you offer world class software solutions with branding services.

More clients opting for complete solutions give you higher stickiness and referrals too.

You win over competition, cover more business.

You achieve higher profit and ROI.

These are the world famous solutions that 6000+ hoteliers use worldwide

eZee Absolute Cloud based Hotel PMS

eZee Centrix Channel Manager

eZee Reservation Booking Engine

Give your clients a revenue boost by integrating our Booking Engine in the website you create for them.

Under our program eZee Ultimate, we provide total solutions including hotel website design and basic SEO.

Here you can give a touch of your talent with us.

Deliver solutions to your hotel clients that impact on bottom line.

You can sell eZee solutions to your clients under your own logo

Explore eZee's White label partnership program. Your clients remain yours with our OEM hospitality solutions.

Improve your business productivity with our flexible reselling business.

Become an eZee partner now

Join hands with eZee and watch your sales hit the sky! Connect with us on Skype or Drop in a mail.