Combine your PMS with our Booking Engine and Channel Manager

Start offering total hospitality solutions to your existing & new clients under your brand & logo! Partner with us to increase revenue and clientele

Okay, so here is the deal

Combine your PMS with our Booking Engine and Channel Manager

Your hotel clients are expecting more from you. To make it easier, we suggest to add our solutions in your portfolio and offer it to your clients with your brand & your logo.

Why? What are the benefits of partnering with eZee?

Retaining and increasing your clients

Your existing hotel clients are happy that you are offering them everything that they need. You can now easily attract new clients. Is this a missing part of your current business?

Recurring incomes & Upselling Potentials

Upsell new products to your existing clients, and start generating continuous revenue quickly. No extra development or marketing efforts, just offer our additional products to already won clients.

White label solutions

Let your clients be yours. Use eZee’s Private Label Solutions under your logo and brand while your clients still don’t know anything about eZee. Best way to increase customer stickiness, isn’t it?

Showing you around: This is how it works

You enroll to eZee’s Channel Partner Program without any commercial obligation.

Together we develop a seamless integration between your PMS & our solutions.

We intensively train you and even your staff for level 1 support.

You get dedicated account manager, marketing collateral, and all that you need.

You kick start with offering seamlessly integrated solutions to your clients.

Your happy clients refer you and you get more prospects.

You outperform your competitors. You win more business.

High profit margin with reduced cost of acquisition.

Why you’ll love being an eZee partner!

  • Provide total integrated solutions for end to end automation
  • Our 10+ years of domain experience gives you edge and leverage
  • We deploy our operational expertise to manage your business
  • Increased sales opportunities and clientele with higher ROI
  • Boost exposure of your brand and reach to deeper markets
  • Assistance in lead generation, pricing, business development, sales, marketing and more

PMS made by various companies worldwide are already integrated with us.
Want to learn more?

Even if you already have an interface with a Channel Manager or Booking Engine, think about this..

  • Do you get any commission (upto 40%) if you refer your client to them?
  • Do you get white label solutions to market their products under your logo?
  • Do you get to sign up a contract which says your client remains yours?
  • Do you get dedicated account manager from them to support you and your clients 24*7?
  • Do you have a non-compete agreement with them?

Eventually, a hotelier is going to opt for fully integrated solutions. If you don’t provide it, somebody else will. Then, why don’t you offer them everything?

Power up your business by this partnership

Win more business with technology integration partnership with eZee. Get in touch with us now!