Splendid Partnership Opportunity for Hotel Reputation Management Companies

Let us optimize hotel’s reputation and operations together

Partner with us, because you deserve these awesome results

Recurring revenue streams

Selling hospitality technology solutions sets up streams of continual incomes as well as partnership discounts.

Increased client satisfaction

Your clients would be happy to use total solutions you provide. Happier clients lead to lower attrition.

Win more business

Extensive products and services attract high sales. You get to serve diversified clientele. Covering up wider market.

Your job made easier

eZee solutions have built in features to help hoteliers stay connected with guests and even collect feedback.

Go trending with mobile apps

We provide mobile apps to hoteliers for operations management. A new sensation you can cash in on!

Outperform your competitions

Deliver more than your competitors do and get an edge over them. Gain a bigger market share.

Reputation Management Engines Integrated with eZee

We get hoteliers enrolled on 100+ OTAs, now it’s your turn to manage their reputation there.

Combine your Online Reputation Management Software with these hospitality solutions and offer your clients a complete business management package.

eZee Absolute Cloud based Hotel PMS

eZee Centrix Channel Manager

eZee Reservation Booking Engine

eZee Ultimate Free-to-use suite of essential hotel software

How we take this further

You enroll with us.


Get key account manager and all sales/marketing collateral.


Get trained and start selling eZee solutions.


Your clients are happier with your all inclusive offering.


Set up recurring income sources for long term.


Get referrals, acquire more business.


You get higher ROI and profit. Bingo!


Sell eZee’s technology to your clients under your own brand and logo

Explore eZee’s White label partnership program for more details. Your clients remain yours with eZee’s OEM hospitality solutions leading to enhanced mutual brand value.

Let us enter a partnership where your intelligence meets our business.

Come on, now is the time