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Hotel Photographers, Virtual Tour Specialists, or Google Street View Agencies. Start hospitality partnership with us!

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Enhance growth of your photography business with eZee. We present you an opportunity to achieve all this and more.

eZee has range of on-premise & cloud based Hotel Technologies

Offer this to your hotel clients and earn handsome amount of continual income from commissions as well as additional markup pricing.

Earn recurring revenue

Several photography agencies from Asia, Africa and Middle East have already started earning recurring revenue and benefiting from business partnership.

Apart from hotel photography services, offer your clients our Hotel Management Software, Booking Engine, Channel Manager, Restaurant Point of Sale system, and a lot more.

How it works?

You enroll to eZee’s Channel Partner Program for free.

Your Key Account Manager gives you hands on product & sales training, collateral materials and everything you need.

Offer eZee solutions to your existing or new Hotel Clients. We take care of everything from training, implementation to support for them.

Thus starts a continual revenue stream resulting from commissions and discounts you get from us.

Since you offer total solutions, your hotel clients are satisfied and happy. Hence, it is easy for you to get high quality customer referrals from them.

You get more business due to extensive services you provide as compared to competitors who offer limited services.

Higher revenue per client with same cost of acquisition leads to increased profit margin.

Words from our partner photographers!

"We are happy to be associated with eZee. Their hospitality solutions are robust and contain all the features that suit the requirements of our users in Nepal. We give 10/10 to eZee in terms of products, services, environment and our business partnership. In our endeavor to do extra in our business of photography partnership with eZee as well as visiting their HQ and attending product trainings fostered our relationship. "


Goving Raj
Imaging Inside Pvt. Ltd.
Kathmandu, Nepal.

Benefits of partnering with eZee

  • Supply globally recognized one-stop hospitality solutions
  • Provide seamless experience to your clients
  • High profit margin and ROI
  • Increased sales opportunities
  • Boost exposure of your brand
  • Advantage of using our already established brand name

Our solutions and services continue generating revenue in future from the existing clientele.

Whereas hotel photography services render just one time revenue. With eZee as your hospitality partner, you hold an advantage to earn recurring revenue for long time from same hotel clients.

Virtual Tours and hotel bookings go hand in hand

Hotel Photography and Virtual Tour further increase likelihood of getting more and more online bookings that eZee solutions manage for hotelier.

Importance of all-in-one solutions

Single vendor, all-inclusive solutions. eZee has all-in-one solutions under one roof. Be it property management, booking management, inventory distribution… eZee has everything!

Importance of product diversification

You are a trusted photography service provider for your client. When you have more products to offer that cater to all of their business requirements, it builds long term relationship and stream of revenue.

It takes two to tango: You and eZee together can achieve more business

You are already strongly connected to your existing clients.
Therefore, you can easily become their preferred hotel technology partner too.

A picture perfect business partnership is calling. Connect to us for more details