PT Kreativindo Cipta Ventura
(KCV Group) eZee Technosys partnership with PT Kreativindo Cipta Ventura

Dion Satrio

Partner Since: 2012


eZee FrontDesk, eZee BurrP!, Booking Engine, Channel Manager, Centrix, etc



KCV Group or PT Kreativindo Copyright Ventura are one of a leading IT solutions provider focusing mainly in hospitality services in Indonesia. Dion Satrio, laid the foundation of KCV group in 2012 and soon after that, they signed a reseller partnership with eZee Technosys to represent eZee’s cutting edge hospitality solutions in the country and there has been no looking back ever since.

Summary & Testimonial

Prior to partnering with eZee, the KCV group possessed a limited understanding of hospitality IT, and had been facing difficulties in blending in the hospitality industry in Indonesia. However, as a result of the partnership, eZee provided them intensive support along with product and industry training in lieu of marketing eZee solutions in the country. Thus, the KCV group now understand the industry well enough to act as a hospitality solutions consultant while providing IT solutions for the industry.

While talking about the effects and future with eZee, of KCV group’s proprietor Dion Satrio said "eZee is one of the largest hospitality solutions provider, representing them in Indonesia has significantly enriched my company’s reputation as a premium software provider. Furthermore, being a client oriented company, eZee’s vision was perfectly symmetrical with the future I had for my company and that is what makes this partnership unique and beneficial for both of us."

The Final Result

With more than 3 years of experience, the KCV group reports that they have never faced any kind of hindrance due to the geographical distance with eZee. Even so eZee’s support staff has always been reliable, quick and efficient with all their queries.

Additionally, in the huge and upcoming hospitality market of Indonesia, KCV group have also enhanced eZee’s brand name in the region by successfully marketing all of eZee cutting solutions, including eZee’s flagship product eZee FrontDesk hotel management software and other seamlessly integrated hospitality solutions. More than 120 hotels and resorts in the country are currently using eZee’s cutting edge solution including well renowned establishments like the Narita Group and Karma Group. As a result, the KCV group has achieved a remarkable success in the hospitality industry of the region and are currently one of the most reputed IT solutions providers in Indonesia.