HiFin Technosys Ltd.

Imtiyaz Adamjee

Partner Since: 2006

Mombasa, Kenya

PMS, POS, BE/ CM all eZee Products

Hospitality industry


Companies intending to get ahead of competition are extending marketing, selling, servicing and fulfilment of solutions to their channel partners. Ideal syndication empowers the Channel Partners to operate their business at a much higher point on the learning curve. Rather than reproducing the product catalogues again and again, clients need assessment tools and cutting edge solutions, enabling Channel Partners to leverage tools that have been tried and tested by the enterprise, reducing potential mistakes.

HiFin Technosys Ltd., a Kenya based company, is one such paradigmatic example which partnered with eZee Technosys in year 2006 to sell hospitality solutions in the ever evolving tourism market in Mombasa and the vicinity. eZee always had a clear vision of how to develop a scalable partner network capable of driving growth and profitability for their customers worldwide, and fortunately they received a great response from HiFin Technosys to cooperate well in their discernment.


The Adamjees, owners of HiFin Technosys have always been result-driven, visionary and customer centric which helped them to get in flow with the policies of eZee Technosys very well since the inception. Since the establishment of the company, eZee was clear in its strategy about effective B2B programs as a tool to drive the long-term growth.

So what makes HiFin Technosys a valued partner in Eastern Africa for eZee Technosys? It is their loyalty towards eZee products and the readiness to provide best customer service to their clients.

Loyalty and sustainability are key elements in company - channel partner relations; without them, the company would see high partner turnover and create an inconsistency in consumer perception.

The Win-Win Partnership Proposition

eZee has always been a frontrunner to support all their Channel Partners and provide them with necessary resources to maximize sales, develop technical and sales expertise, thereby minimizing sales administration and driving profitability.

At a strategic and tactical level, it involves setting the right partner portfolio, using the Company - Channel Partner relationship network to solicit customer-relevant propositions and manage ongoing partner relationships. eZee offers a variety of strategic partnership programs ranging from value added benefits to promotional campaigns, strategic or revenue generating partners.

Frequent communication, an open and productive dialogue and the propensity to benefit from the strength of both the parties makes a great relationship between the company and its channel partners. Fortunately, eZee and HiFin had all of these to create a strong partnership without the distance being any hindrance. HiFin Technosys gradually succeeded in the Kenyan market because they were self-motivated, always looking for opportunities, market understanding and world class 24/7 support from eZee Technosys.

The Result

Today, HiFin Technosys is an outstanding partner for eZee Technosys in Mombasa, Kenya since the year of 2006. They have a team size of 15 people working for them. To quote some of their major successes in the hospitality market, they have been triumphant in winning the patronage of some of the best properties in and around Mombasa like Southern Palms Beach Resort, Essque Zalu, Bamburi Beach Hotel, Innscor Kenya Ltd. and Ali Barbours Forty Theives to name a few.