Apples of Gold Consulting Limited Apples of Gold synergy with eZee Technosys

Oluwaseun Onakoya

Partner Since: 2010

Lagos and Federal Capital Territory(FCT), Abuja, Nigeria

Business process software solution, e-learning system management, local and international tours and Hospitality locks and accessories

Hospitality industry, Educational Institutions, Corporate organizations


Companies that carry adequate knowledge about their distributor’s geography and business, can give them valuable ideas, and help them reach their goals, subsequently developing a win-win partnership that really matters! At some point of time, working to create this level of impact might seem meddlesome, but it isn’t. The most solicitous thing that any company can do is help their distributor succeed. The company may well need to go an extra mile to build a partnership at this level, but the performance results can be well worth it.

Apples of Gold (AoG) Consulting Limited is one such classic example which mainly focused on the business related to the Process re-engineering, Educational Institutions and other manufacturing and service oriented organizations prior to becoming eZee Technosys’s Channel Partner in Nigeria in the year 2006. The industry challenge for a new entrant like AoG Consulting to the market with no or a little experience about the hospitality segment could have been daunting, but eZee has always been committed to helping their Channel Partners to mitigate risk, increase efficiencies, enhance revenue and thereby succeed.

Situation Analysis

Focus, commitment and innovative mindset to the line must be the three most important elements of defining a good distributor, and fortunately AoG Consulting had all of them despite they were new to the hospitality solutions management segment. The initial days with eZee were challenging and tough as AoG did not have in-depth knowledge of the eZee software packages and they had to build this business in the Nigerian hospitality market from a scratch, but they were determined to succeed.

eZee Solution

eZee’s Partner Program helps participating Channel Partners to grow and prosper with eZee’s comprehensive, industry-leading technology portfolio. The program framework provides aspiration by best industry products, encouraging the Channel Partners to grow with eZee. eZee works hard to ensure that it offers the services and tools necessary for our partners to be more successful and ultimately more profitable. Channel Partners are helped to ascend in the program to gain increased benefits. The pivotal points of eZee’s philosophy for Partner Program are to provide profitability, enablement, support and an overall better partner experience.

Same philosophy was applied with AoG Consulting too. They were offered customizable marketing materials as well as sales and marketing training through online media which helped them a lot to boost their confidence and knowledge in the new industry.

The unparalleled instant support services eZee offered to AoG 24/7 helped them understand the hospitality industry very well and ultimately grow in business.

The Result

Today, AoG Consulting Limited, is eZee’s premium partner in Nigeria since 2010. They now have a team size of 12 people and 18 registered resellers working for them. AoG was able to create a breakthrough in the hospitality segment in Nigeria by winning over the competition to provide hospitality management solutions to elite hotel groups like Bolingo, Tinapa, Golfview, Summerset and Sparklyn to name a few.

What people at AOG have to say

"Representing a global brand such as eZee Technosys has provided wide visibility for our company over the years and through that visibility we have been able to penetrate other markets and form more partnerships with corporate bodies and notable individuals.
Our partnership with eZee Technosys is predicated on mutual trust and respect. Our understanding of local needs has helped improved eZee's solution over time. This goes to show that sharing of ideas and local experience is good for the success of both companies.
We are impressed by the functionality, quality of support services and simplicity of the eZee Hospitality software products over the years.