Something About Our Regional Partner In Maldives How Did eZee Manage To Turn Their Revenue Around

Acuity Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



Background and Summary

Established on the coast of Maldives in 2010, Acuity Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. started as a small organization planning to move ahead in the wide arenas of hospitality industry. The company’s proprietor Mr. Ahmed Ashraf associated with eZee in 2011, keeping the empowerment of hoteliers and restaurateurs in Maldives as the primary aim.

Following their successful alliance with eZee, the firm has been steadily progressing in the hospitality industry of Maldives, equipping the sector with cutting-edge technology solutions and excellent services.

Challenges in Business and eZee Support

Initially, the company faced a few hurdles as they were significantly new in the industry and lacked the knowledge and experience that hospitality industry demands. Additionally, the fact that, they are operating from a remote location took a toll on their sales and post-sales services too.

However, eZee’s expert guidance along with a strong resource assistance to the partner made a gradual change in their performance. Two of eZee’s team members went on a 3-month tour each to Maldives. With a primary agenda to assist Ashraf and his team in setting up a streamlined process of pre-sales to post-sales services offered to the industry there, eZee managed to turn the environment around.

The Aftermath Of eZee’s Assistance

Regardless of the work culture in India and Maldives being poles apart, eZee’s team members went out of their way by working beyond their office hours while attending client queries.

The assistance provided by our team members fostered the confidence as well as will of the company.

Additionally, a timely and precise guidance on eZee products, door-to-door sales and systemization on daily routine improvised the team's skills of handling sales, support and on-boarding, all in one shot.

Apart from implementation, support and sales, eZee’s team members assisted Acuity in it's day-to-day administrative tasks, gradually trying to execute better working practices.

In no time, they were able to enroll a considerable number of clients under Acuity, making way for a hike in our revenue.

Acuity started with offering restaurant software solutions and went ahead with hotel solutions too, followed by the overwhelming response of the industry to eZee’s forefront technology. Currently, majority of restaurants, hotels, resorts and guesthouses in Maldives are equipped with eZee solutions. With a small yet diligent team of 5, Acuity Business Solutions has managed to onboard a vast number of clientele along with reliable support services.