eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter September 2018
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Offer outstanding products to attract restaurateurs

Hey, now you can offer your customers the most convenient and easy-to-use software to handle orders from online portals apart from managing their day-to-day restaurant operations. Wondering what?

Well, we've integrated our restaurant POS systems eZee Optimus and eZee BurrP! with the online portals like Zomato, Foodpanda, Swiggy, and Uber Eats - that will connect restaurants with these famous brands to help your customers attract more guests and boost their sales and revenue.


Now, why these products are vital for you?

According to a survey, online food ordering is becoming popular across generations. And because of that, most of the restaurants from all over the world are trying hard to attract online customers. Your competitors are accepting digital technology solutions to improve and evolve in the market.

Hence, this integration can play a vital role to beat the top competitors through eZee products that are comprehensive, simple to navigate, and are designed to create high customer satisfaction.

And how this integration will help your business to grow?

  • Increase in Product Demand: As both the products are user-friendly for the restaurateurs, this integration will add up to their demand in the market.
  • Raise in Brand Loyalty: The continuous selling of the products will create brand loyalty and earn a good reputation in the market.
  • Increase in Revenue: You'll be able to reach out to a large number of customers with these products. Hence, this will ultimately help you increase business revenue.

Our restaurant POS systems are not just limited to the restaurants. Hence, you can also sell them to bars, fast food chains, cafes, bistros, and more to expand your business reach.

Not a business partner yet? Partner up with eZee today to boost your business profits with such trending integrations and more.

Resource Center - Your intangible asset!

Let's start this with a question - What exactly do you understand by a resource center? A resource center is a site within a site where all the informational content are kept organized. You can find all your resources that are important to market the eZee products.


Why is resource center important to you?

Well, we know that sales and marketing task is never easy - it takes a high level of patience to convince the customers. One of the common challenge that partners face is access to the right information at the right time.

You may be promoting multiple products of eZee. Therefore, it might get difficult for you to carry multiple sales and marketing collaterals at the time of a client meeting.

With an online access to all the information, it will help you overcome customers issues (as we're also providing technical documents so that you can answer if you come across any technical questions) and position your service as viable solutions.

How it will benefit your business?

  • Staying organized: You'll find all the useful resources in one place. This will help you attend a client meeting without worrying about the documents.
  • Better brand presentation: The easy to access information can help you present better in front of the customers, solve their issues, and direct them to even the most miniscule product details.
  • Increase conversion ratio: You'll be able to guide customers on multiple products. This will increase your confidence that will ultimately help you convince your customers easily.

Check out our resource center, made especially for our partners. Sign up for our partnership program today to get access to effective collaterals and more.

eZee Centrix - Providing whirlwind updates!

We've got you the instantaneous eZee Centrix that has the power to update rates and inventory in just 7 to 10 seconds (that's the fastest among all the channel managers in the industry). With this, you can set the benchmark for your competitors in the hospitality industry.


You're already selling a fast one, then why the FASTEST?

Even a minute to update rates and inventory on the connected channels tends to bother hoteliers. Because customers invest in a channel manager to simplify their online inventory distribution, attract more guests from different channels and provide better guest experience through automotive technology.

Now, there is no use of technology if it can't make your customer's work quick and efficient. Hence, the channel manager should update the rates and inventories in no time.

That's why, we brought an extraordinary and super fast channel manager that has the ability to exclude all the risk of missing opportunities, losing customers and loss of reputation.

How this will help your hotel clients?

  • Simplifies the process: Hotels can smoothly manage their online inventory distribution and dynamic rates to increase the revenue.
  • Improve ranking on OTAs: With an instant update of rates and inventory through eZee Centrix, hotels can improve their ranking on OTAs.
  • Increase Online Reputation: Customers prefers updated information on OTAs where there is no human errors. Hence, the super fast eZee Centrix will help hoteliers increase their online reputation.

So don't miss out on making the most from this fastest channel manager. And, if you're not a partner yet, it's the right time to sign up with us so that you can resell this cutting-edge technology in your region.


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