eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter October 2018
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We have bead a two-way eZee- Airbnb API connection

Now, eZee have a two way API connectivity with Airbnb. In addition, due to the confirmation of Airbnb's advent among hotels, even your hotel clients will be able to have the perks of this eZee - Airbnb connection. You can know more about the connection here

Airbnb is one of the most unique vacation portals which is trusted thoroughly by most globetrotters across the world. Which is why this connection is confirmed as one of the most rewarding steps for hotels.


A few benefits of this 2-way connection are listed down:

  • Effective synchronization of rates and calendar with Airbnb
  • Amplified visibility of hotels
  • Hotels get fastest live inventory updates on Airbnb
  • Dynamic pricing strategy for Airbnb

Nevertheless, the hotels will have to follow a few important guidelines to get listed on Airbnb. This calculative effort of getting a two-way secure connection will render your clients to gain more gist, guest and gross at their property. Hence, offering this embedded solution to your clients will strengthen your command over them as well as you will arm yourself better while pitching to new leads.

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eZee updates their exceptional solutions to make them advanced

With the changing time, the demands of the hospitality industry have kept varying. With that, being the top-notch hospitality provider company, we're bound to update our solutions and make them better. Hence, with rolling out the new update, eZee's easy to use solutions have become even easier for our clients.


Check out some new additions to our products:

In eZee Centrix, upon receiving the bookings from OTAs, now hoteliers will get the booking vouchers from the OTAs right in their channel manager system. With this, we have subtracted their unnecessary hassles of doing back and forth to the OTA extranet.

While in eZee Absolute, hoteliers will now also be able to execute SMS marketing and scheduling. Moreover, they will also be able to handle the guest engagement with the same.

In eZee Optimus, there are many major updates:

  • It has recently been integrated with leading food ordering portals like Foodpanda, UberEats, Swiggy, Zomato.
  • It is now enabled to generate customized business reports.
  • It can now also be accessed as tablet POS.
  • The best, it now comes along with a restaurant POS mobile app. This app will be accessed by Android users.

Critique - hotel reputation management software has two major updates:

  • Sentimental analysis and
  • Competitor analysis

The sentimental analysis would precisely identify and categorise the strong and the weak points of your hotel clients whereas, the competitor analysis would pick out and classify the firm and infirm points of their competitors. Moreover, if your clients are using eZee Reservation then, they will also be able to publish reviews received on Critique to the booking engine.

For more details on the new updates and their benefits, you can contact your account manager or can email us at partners@ezeetechnosys.com. These new updates in eZee solutions will now help you to offer even better services to your clients. Moreover, you will also be able to attract a maximised number of new clients.

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Why are we migrating from HTTP to HTTPS?

Technology is persistently advancing at the full fling. On the same hand, the hospitality industry processes and stores a heap of the data that includes every minute detail from credit card credentials to the sensitive information of the guests. This is why the hospitality industry seems to be one of the most attractive segments for cyber attacks of data breach or theft.

Being aware of the various data-breach and security attack cases, hoteliers these days quest for the most secure solutions. In other words, a PCI DSS certified vendor. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.


The latest convention of PCI DSS mandated that all payment processors and anyone who conducts the business online should move to HTTPS. We, being a company offering PCI-DSS certified hotel solutions, have taken numerous actions following the recent convention of PCI-DSS. Resulting from such efforts, our partners will be able to sell the solutions that are completely secure and safe from data leaks. Besides, you will gain grounds among your competitors by delivering the most safeguarded solutions.

On top of that, eZee's unsurpassed technology solutions with supreme security will make you more desirable among your clients. In the same vein, you can attract new clients and thus expand your clientele. Partner with us and take the first step towards the flight of your tremendous success with unlimited eZee benefits.

Partners from South Korea visit eZee headquarters

Our partners are the major part of making eZee what it is today and hence, we always remain inclined to assist them with whatever business matters they bring upon. We always try to put our best efforts into helping them in achieving their goals and for that, we maintain our regular contact via digital connections. Meanwhile, we also extend that courtesy with personal interaction and cherish such interactive occasions with our partners at eZee headquarters in Surat.

We have such partner visits every month. This month, we received Mr John Park, Director of ENK+, South Korea along with Alice Kim. They had a detailed discussion about the updates in eZee FrontDesk and our other products with the product development teams and their role in empowering chain properties in their region. Their current goal is to expand their business in South Korea by aiming the maximized number of chain properties.


After a lot of discussion on such individual topics, they felt assured and validated for all their future plans of expanding their business. Following such business meetings, they also took out their time to enjoy the drives and stationing at city's popular restaurants with eZee.

Are you looking forward to visiting eZee HQ? We're always ready to give you a warm welcome. And, when you become our partner, you'll love to enjoy eZee's companionship benefits.


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