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Channel Manager Buyer Guide: How can you make the most of it

So, you met a probable client. Everything went well and he's almost about to purchase your product. But then, he raises a question about a feature other brand's product may have, but you don't. There goes a sale, you think. That's where a buyer guide comes to your rescue.

Buyer guides offer a complete buyer's checklist and give one an in-depth idea of what an ideal product should have. And when you're trying to convince a lead, a buyer guide is something which can help you big time.


'Convince and win the trust, a deal gets closed.'

Investing in a channel manager system requires a thorough thought process and brainstorming. While competing with other brands, our channel manager buyer guide will expedite the way you pitch eZee Centrix to your leads, leaving no doubts in his mind.

Here's how you can effectively use our channel manager buyer guide:

  • Keep it handy to know and show the winning features of eZee Centrix.
  • Share it with your leads and let them understand the must-have features of a channel manager.
  • Ask your leads to compare eZee Centrix with other brands and choose wisely.
  • Understand your leads' requirements and pitch eZee Centrix through those features.

Definitely, making the most of the buyer guide using above tips will help you acquire more channel manager customers. Get your copy of our channel manager buyer guide right away.

We have myriad of other marketing collaterals and resources for our partners to help them gain more business. Become our partner today and start availing the benefits.

Partner Portal: Our resource library for your use

We know what it takes to answer the countless queries your leads and clients may be having. Either its about an integration they wish to take, or random question about a product's functioning; you ought to be up-to-date with such information. Resources for that matter are the most useful at times like these.


'Availability of resources plays a major role in a business' and partnership's success.'

We recently planned and developed a full-fledged Partner Portal bringing all our resources under one roof exclusively for our partners. These resources include product-wise marketing collaterals, technical documents, product update information and several other documents which might come in handy for you while pitching to your leads.

And since you're getting all the required documents at a single place, you don't need to email anyone from our team or even your account manager for that part. Simple, isn't it?

Plus, everything is available online. So, you won't even need to carry any brochures or other collaterals unless actually required. Not just that, but all the resources are up-to-date with latest additions, helping you give your leads and clients fresh information.

Many of our partners are already benefiting extensively through this Partner Portal.
If you haven't started using it, simply contact your account manager to gain access to the portal right away.

Follow-ups and Drip Marketing: Their role in your business' success

With the daily busy schedules , even with reminders set, it gets difficult to take action on time. And you can't deny the fact that sometimes, opportunities are lost due to inaction. Follow-ups and drip marketing are a way to ensure constant action and guidance to your leads. Drip marketing sends, or "drips," a pre-written set of messages to clients and leads over time.


'Companies that excel at Drips Generate 80% more sales at 33% lower costs.'

Now, what should your follow-up and drip emails include?
It can be anything and everything which nurtures your recipients on your product's advantages and educate them to make the most of your product. More than that, they should include a point of action which he needs to make to benefit from the email.

How does it help?

  • You can regularly be in touch with your leads and clients. Constant communication goes a long way.
  • You can guide them on how to effectively use your product.
  • You can make them aware about the industry insights and help them apply those trends in their business.
  • You get a chance to engage with them at a personal level. Make them feel valued and cultivate the trust over lifelong relationships.
  • You get to understand their mindsets and pitch your product accordingly.

Besides all these benefits and more, most important one is: that follow-up and drip emails improve customer experience.

We're adept in the art of drip marketing and communication strategies. Know more about other tactics you can use for winning more customers. Sign up to be our partner and give a boost to your business.

Meeting your regional requirements: Our hospitality solutions

Hospitality industry is one such sector, which continually comes up with regional requirements and brand new industry trends and transformations. While we're one of the few to provide end-to-end solutions to the industry worldwide, we make sure that each of the regional requirements are met in our products to give your clients the best user experience.


'Regionally compliant and globally acclaimed - eZee hospitality solutions.'

Over the years, partners like you have understood the demands and pain points of the hospitality industry in their regions and shared their concerns with us. Acknowledging them largely, we've made our solutions regionally compliant, thus giving a boost to your business and expanding your clientele.

Whether it's GST, or customized reports to be sent to the government authorities, or whether its a regional payment gateway, or some other integration; we've done it all for our partners.

Certainly, these customizations have gone through a comprehensive feasibility check and brainstorming in order to have a seamless functioning in our products.

Here's a partial list of customizations we've done in our products uptil now. Just let us know if you have any requirements in your region. We'll give you the best solution available.


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