eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter November 2018
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eZee's new launch: eZee iLoyalty

Known for the comprehensive hospitality technology, eZee have always been working in the direction of the comforting entire hospitality industry. With the constant efforts in delivering all solutions under one roof, eZee recently welcomed a proficient customer loyalty management software - eZee iLoyalty for an independent and group of hotels as well as restaurants.

Mainly prevalent among the hotel groups and restaurant chains, these loyalty programs have a strong influence in increasing a business. Reason being, these loyalty programs increase repeat customers, guest engagement and their brand value to a great extent. However, nowadays the standalone hotels and restaurants have also bent towards these programs.


Now, the hoteliers and restaurateurs formulate the loyalty programs but may not be successful in managing them precisely. They certainly need some assistance in the form of technology to help them manage their loyalty programs aptly. eZee iLoyalty is a complete loyalty program software dedicated to hotels and restaurants.

This is how eZee iLoyalty streamlines the entire crux of the loyalty program:

  • Your clients can create, run and manage all and any type of loyalty program models for single or multiple outlets.
  • They can keep a track of all the information about their guests, such as their visits, their preferences and so on.
  • They get totally familiar with all the activities of loyal customers. Right from the enrollment to how they've put their loyalty program to practice.
  • With a unique feature of website widget, their guests can directly login to their account and stay aware of all the transactions.
  • They can notify their guest about the exciting promotions and reward programs from eZee iLoyalty and also about their transactions, earned or redeemed points and so.

By including eZee iLoyalty in your offerings, you're bound to attract a varied clientele.

One of the perks of partnering with a comprehensive solutions provider like eZee is; you get an opportunity to offer the latest technology to your customers and welcome a growing customer base. Explore more of our partnership benefits and be a partner.

Join our flourishing partner network, and be a cutting-edge technology provider.

Around the corner: Chatbots in eZee solutions

Technology has been advancing at a great pace. And eZee with a passionate dedication is trying its level best to walk hand in hand with the evolving technology. With that, we're coming up with a revolutionary feature - CHATBOT.

Needing no introduction, a chatbot is the most dynamic among the upcoming trends of the hotel industry. Always keeping our solutions up-to-date with the latest technology, we're coming soon with a chatbot in 2 of our most intuitive solutions: eZee Reservation booking engine and eZee Absolute hotel PMS mobile app.


Chatbot for booking engine: The hospitality industry relies more on customer engagement than others. Hoteliers need to ensure pleasant and personalized experiences for their guests. Our booking engine chatbot will answer questions asked by the hotel website visitors, and guide them to book direct with the hotel. Here are some of the many benefits this chatbot will bring:

  • This will save valuable time of hotels.
  • Guests won't have to wait long for hotel's responses.
  • They can convert more guests and upsell other amenities too.

Chatbot for hotel PMS app: The chatbot in eZee Absolute hotel PMS mobile app will help hoteliers get the front-office tasks done without much ado. Right from room allocation to check-in to everything that the app does.

This is just a glimpse of the next big thing coming your way to offer your clients. Partner with us and grab this opportunity to make a headway among your competitors by providing such avant-garde technology to your customer-base.

Free hotel audit report by eZee explained

Just as a matter of fact, the hospitality industry is the most dynamic industry. The customer's needs and demands, the current trends and a lot many things keep on changing and evolving. In that way, it becomes a tough nut to crack for hoteliers to keep pace with the latest trends.

On the other hand, hotels keep on trying numerous ways to reach their targeted audience; such as connecting with more OTAs, going for direct bookings, marketing tactics and such likes. But more often than not, they're unable to figure out the strategies that might be working for them. That's where this free hotel audit report by eZee comes in.

audit report

The hotel audit report we provide contains a thorough assessment of a hotel's online presence and performance. OTA connections, hotel website, and booking engine are the aspects which are analyzed and evaluated. This will help hotels gauge their best and worst in their business development strategies and guide them in increasing their hotel revenue through the right suggestions.

Offering this free hotel audit report to hotels will prove as a stepping stone in inclining them towards the latest technology, and even spread awareness on applying suitable business strategies to boost the ROI.

Interested in knowing more about the hotel audit report? Contact your account manager and they'll help you. With eZee, you get the best of all; right from services to technology to such unique benefits. Avail these benefits with a lot more by partnering with us today.

Showcasing our best in Indonesia

eZee since their onset have been continually acclaimed worldwide by providing unparalleled solutions and services. In that course, we have always put our best foot forward for our partners and helped them achieve their business goals. On-ground events and workshops for that matter play a vital role in spreading awareness about the latest technology in the hospitality industry.


We, with our partners BooknPay organized a joint event in Semarang, Indonesia on 23rd October; which witnessed more than 80 hoteliers taking the first step towards digitization through cutting-edge technology.

The main agenda of this event was to put forth the benefits of technology in the hospitality industry. Presently, technology has now become an inseparable part of the growth of the hospitality industry. Which is why it is very important for hoteliers to stay up-to-date with the current trends.

Apart from that, our partners Probus PMS System represented eZee solutions in the inauguration event of IHGMA - Indonesian Association of Hotel Managers held on 9th November.

Participating and organizing such events helps our partners to increase their credibility in their regions. Planning such event or workshop in your region? Let your account manager know, and they'll help you with some great ideas. Enroll to our partnership program today and be a part of such exciting events and exhibitions.


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