eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter November 2017
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Tried offering our PCI DSS certified solutions?

Recently, we levelled up our security and got certified by SISA, thus acclaiming eZee solutions as PCI DSS secured. Given the vast number of data breaches happening in the hospitality sector, there's a lot of attention to implement those solutions that are data secure. That's why your leads may come to you asking for our PCI DSS certified solutions.


What is PCI DSS? And, why we've raised the security standard and got certified with PCI DSS?
Well, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle services from major branded debit/credit cards. After passing the routine stringent tests that are implemented periodically, our solutions have been certified by SISA, the globally qualified security assessor.

Here are the benefits of selling PCI DSS certified solutions:

  • As our solutions are secured with highest level of PCI DSS certification, you have a competitive advantage of selling the best secured software.
  • You can assure your clients that their data is stored in our system, which eliminates chances of data theft. This creates a likeness of your brand in the market.
  • A desire to not to be included in the list of breached organizations attract more hoteliers to go for secured technology.
  • As your credibility increases, so does your clientele; which reduces your churn out ratio.

Additionally, you start growing with us by promoting PCI DSS certified eZee solutions in your region and supplying the latest technology to hoteliers. What're you waiting for? Become our partner today and start selling our winning solutions.

How to effectively use case studies to gain more customers

When your probable client is looking for reasons to purchase your products and services, what do you need to do? What's the last or most of the times the first straw you use to convince him about your commendable services? So, case studies at such times become an invaluable asset which speak about success stories. Here's how you can make the most of them.


Hitherto are points which facilitate you to gain more customers through case studies:

  • Present on your website: Dedicate a page on your website to case studies, highlighting them as 'success stories'.
  • Promote on Social Media: Post it on social media and let your audience know how you work.
  • Keep your sales team informed: Your sales team will let your leads know about your past stories such that they are thoroughly convinced before purchase.
  • Use them in email marketing: Send region specific case studies to attract segmented leads who may relate with it easily.
  • Show them on Landing Pages: Just before he's about to fill up a form, a glance at a client story establishes his trust to opt for your product right away.

Suffice to say, whether its for lead nurturing, or client engagement or for marketing; these case studies can help you gain more number of quality customers. Here's how some of our partners have flourished their businesses with us. Be a partner today, and make your case study.

Our Surat HQ welcomes partners from across the world

Business visits come with a myriad of opportunities for both. Even though these opportunities can be nurtured via instant communications, personal meetings hold a vital place in developing and maintaining long lasting business relationships.


On that account, a few of our partners from different regions across the world paid a visit to us. Bjorn Dobos, proprietor of Dobos Hospitalidad, CA, from Venezuela visited our HQ for initiating new partnership. John Park, owner of BIT consulting came with an agenda of regional integrations of payment gateways, door lock and accounting software in order to penetrate local market of South Korea. Nigel Miranda of ePenh Co. Ltd., paid a visit with an aim of developing business opportunities in new marketing arenas of Cambodia and participation in the regional exhibition.

While you sign up for being our partner, plan out a visit to our Surat HQ to have a detailed discussion on business agendas, strategies and more.

Social Media Marketing for your business

Social Media is a medium which has the highest and most effective global reach. Regardless of whichever part of the world you belong to, it has a wide acceptance and can be used not only for posting pictures and putting up stories, but also for marketing and networking.


Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber are few major social media and messaging platforms which have a considerably high user base. Here are some obvious benefits of using Social Media Marketing for your business:

  • Improved engagement: You're where your clients are, thus giving them a chance to engage with you and know your services better.
  • Higher conversion rate: Social media has a 13% higher conversion ratio far more higher as compared to average lead conversion ratio.
  • Brand awareness: You let your presence be noticed on the social media and increase your brand's awareness.
  • Client Retention: You're constantly in touch with your clients even after closing a sale. That makes you reachable and your clients feel valued, hence making them stay.

So when you think of applying a Social Media Marketing strategy, keep these ways in mind to make it more competent:

  • Targeted advertising: Based on the demographic profile, you can easily target and segment your audience.
  • Regular posts: Keep your visitors engaged with interesting posts regularly, the ones they can connect with.
  • Use hashtags: Understand how to and which hashtags to use to increase your posts' reach.

There's a lot more you can do in social media marketing. Get started with this, and you'll gradually see its impact on your business. Know about other tactics you can use for winning more customers.


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