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What eZee Ultimate Can Do To Your Business

Oftentimes, when you pitch in your services to your clients, you wonder as to what does that hotelier exactly need? It takes time for one to gauge the requirements of a hotelier and offer them the best solution.


And that's when you consider on offering them an all-in-one solution, wherein he gets access to all of the solutions he seeks, from a single dashboard. So, when one of our partners put forth eZee Ultimate - our suite of free-to-use hospitality solutions to the hoteliers in their region, it proved to erase all their pain points and strongly meet each of their expectations. Consequently, they received an outstanding response from the hoteliers, which conclusively let them enter myriad of hotels leading to a rise in opportunities for upsell in future.

eZee Ultimate, the trend-setting hospitality technology platform yields the maximum ROI for small and mid-sized hotels, erasing all their troubles of handling different vendors for unintegrated hospitality solutions.

Take a look on our offerings for partners here.

A Little From Us To Increase Your Sales

Marketing, the word itself defines it. And each business in the world, whether big or small, regardless of the industry it belongs to, has to take up a full-fledged marketing plan in order to claim a well-established name in the market.


And here we are to give you some tips and tricks on marketing and strengthening your name in the market you cater to. There are majorly two kinds of marketing these days: Offline Marketing and Online Marketing.

What can you do in offline marketing?

  • Cold calls
  • Local distribution
  • Word of mouth marketing
  • One-to-one or door-to-door marketing

And what's there in online marketing?

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Advertising Online
  • Effects by a good website

There are innumerable other avenues which you can try to advertise your business. And as your partners, we're there to help you in any way you choose, helping you more on the course of online marketing.

Check out more marketing tips and tricks here.

Or better, be a partner and boost your business through sales of eZee's cutting-edge solutions.

Delivering The Right Solution

A true marketer and businessman is the one who knows what his clients need, realise it, and grab the right opportunity and offer them more of their services and solutions which can eventually help out the clients.


At times like these, you should gauge the exact requirements of your prospective clients. Say, you are pitching booking engine and channel manager at a hotel. Thereupon, you should determine its requirement of a PMS, or even a restaurant management system. Yes, their demand may be of eZee's booking engine and channel manager primarily, but on adding other helpful solutions to your offer will make them aware on your interest in increasing their ROI and streamlining the daily operations. Or even more, you can offer a digital restaurant menu alongside a point-of-sale software. There are multitude of such options.

A right solution can help hoteliers and restaurateurs in your region with efficient management and imparting exceptional guest services. And with eZee's range of integrated hospitality solutions, they won't have to worry about assembling the data, or being in touch with different vendors for each system.

Have a look at our offerings here, and determine what's the best for your clients.

Automation At It's Best: LeadSquared

Ever wondered, how easy it would be, if you are reminded about each call to make, and each follow-up to take and notified when a sale is closed? Everything about your sales and marketing automated, right at your doorstep.

LeadSquared Benifites

To this extent, that's what LeadSquared does. A full-fledged lead management system, LeadSquared helps our partners in sales and marketing automation effortlessly. Right from handling lead stage, to keeping a check on follow-up dates and calls, it helps one in acquiring more leads, and closing more deals everyday. Additionally, it can schedule and send email marketing campaigns to a bundle of users in your database, along with lead segmentation and auto-drip campaigns.

As a result, our partners can easily manage their sales generation and marketing strategies with the help of LeadSquared, thereby saving a lot of time, energy and resources and avoiding the traditional pen and paper method.

Just drop in an email to get access to LeadSquared as our partner.

And explore the benefits of our partner program.


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