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How to give a tough fight to competitors?

Yes, you should give a tough fight to competitors. That's a very simple answer! But what do you need to do to stand strong against your competitors? Well, that's an important question. To start with, you need to understand the key elements your target audience demands. Once that's done, half the ground is won. The rest is done by your product and services.

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"Competitive advantage is a company's ability to perform in one or more ways that competitors cannot or will not match." - Philip Kotler

A thorough research on competitors based on real stats and facts is a must. Thereafter, you can pinpoint your leads about unique features that you have, but your competitors don't. This way you can win over the competitors and be a leading software provider in your specific region.

Here are a few tips that can be followed to face the competition:

  • Perform Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) analysis of all your competitors.
  • A blueprint is to be scripted before you begin a marketing and sales campaign.
  • Always have an alternative plan. If one fails, you have a plan - B ready.
  • Maintain your goodwill and work towards boosting it.
  • Be innovative in creating marketing strategies and product development.
  • Listen to your clients eagerly and solve their queries.
  • Find and grab opportunities for upsell.

With above few tips and more you can initiate to lead the industry with avant-garde technology and services. Sign up to be our partner today for a successful business.

Gain a revenue hike through upsell

The hospitality industry is a energizing one which has myriad of necessities to be taken care of. And to satisfy the guest requirements, hotels have to be updated with the latest trends. Most of them can be covered by technology and a few by opportunistic upsells.


"Today's smart marketers don't sell products; they sell benefit packages." -Philip Kotler

Providing the ultimate guest experience is the aim of all your clients. To do this, hoteliers adopt different strategies and level up services to match guest demands. At times like these, you can grab a chance to provide something more to your clients. And with eZee's comprehensive package of integrated hospitality solutions, you'll never run out of such upsell occasions.

Here's why you should upsell:

  • It increases your revenue: Obviously, when you add more to your kitty, your earnings surge. In short, you provide your client more contentment with our list of hospitality solutions.
  • Your services get better: Since he's already your client, you know what he exactly needs to improve his services. Upselling is easy than acquiring a new client.
  • Your clients stay with you: As you've provided them good experience, they're happy and satisfied. So, cheerful clients stay for long and seek your services and products at any point of time.

In short, to increase your customer retention, reduce your churn-out ratio and be effective in your services, you need to be on your toes to upsell or cross-sell wherever required.

Want to initiate upsell to existing clients? Partner with us to offer more to your clients.

How connectivity partners matter?

Connectivity partners are the ones who boost your products' performance and stability, and help you provide the best services to your clients. Either technical or non-technical, these connectivity partners prove to be a strong and influential point when you come across your leads.


"The art of marketing is the art of brand building. If you aren't a brand, you are a commodity. Then price is everything and the low-cost producer is the only winner." -Philip Kotler

Having a connectivity partner would mean that you and the partner have identical goals and the alliance would just bring you up in the industry. On the same lines, we too, as world's leading hospitality technology providers have got together with the industry's best organizations in order to provide the best to our users.

Following are a few of our connectivity partners, which can give a boost to your pitch:

  • Booking.com Premier Connectivity Partner: We have a stable and steady connection with Booking.com, which makes inventory distribution on the OTA effortless.
  • Expedia Elite Partners: We currently rank 3rd in the list of Expedia's preferred connectivity partners out of 300+ hotel technology providers.
  • TripAdvisor Premium Partner: Which means that through our channel manager and booking engine, users will have optimum connection with TripAdvisor and will be able to avail TripAdvisor's instant booking program and review express program benefits.
  • Agoda Innovative Supplier Partner: To provide the ultimate connectivity experience to hoteliers.
  • Google Hotel Ads Authorized Integration Partner: This indicates that hotels can enroll for Google Hotel Ads program through us, along with taking advantage of our booking engine.

We have many more in this list, which shows our prominence in the industry through our unsurpassed products and services. Our aim to constantly innovate our solutions has brought us to this position.

Partnering with us gives you a chance to sell our established and leading products to your clients. To know more about such partnership benefits, get in touch with our channel network team.

Partners from UAE visit eZee's nerve center

Being a leading software provider in the hospitality industry, partners from across the world meet us at eZee headquarters very often. 2 partners from UAE visited us this month. The visit was aimed at software trade opportunities in Gulf region for both the organizations.


Abdumurod Abdullaev, CEO of Al Marwah Computer Systems paid a visit for the sole purpose to build a market goodwill for eZee products and making it one of the most preferred hospitality solutions in UAE region.

Satish K. from Rock Chip Technology LLC., made a stopover at eZee for pacing up the software implementation of a popular F&B chain. The partner discussed on how to make eZee's hospitality software one of the sought after solutions by the hospitality industry in UAE and spread their businesses cross-borders.

They shared their regional business experiences with eZee's team. The interaction was a power packed one, accelerating all-round growth.

At the outset, eZee strives and takes care of all business motives of partners. With eZee's partnership program, you get such benefits and more. If not our partner yet, sign up today to sell the best technology to the hospitality industry.


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