eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter May 2017
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Partnership stories: It takes two to tango

eZee's co founder Vipul Kapoor recently signed MoU with president of GAM whereby eZee agreed to supply hospitality technology to guesthouses in Maldives. Thus, eZee's technology partnership with GAM is bound to herald an era of modern business automation for Maldivian properties. Organization putting diligent efforts behind deal is Acuity Business Solutions who is an eZee partner since 2011 in Maldives.


'We work together so that we can accompany each other on the top!'

Due to collective endeavors with this partner; numerous hotels, restaurants, guesthouses and resorts in country are already equipped with eZee's solutions and services. Having known market particulars, Mr. Ahmed Ashraf of Acuity Business Solution has always ventured to spread eZee's hospitality solutions across region.

They have been serving more and more properties by streamlining and automating daily recurring operations with various eZee software. We applaud their efforts to reach to a new business high with this deal between eZee and GAM.

This is a proven example of partners flourishing together. Setting inspiration goals, this deal proves to be a beginning point of many more endeavors with partners like you worldwide.

Let such accomplishments make attainable together. Contact us to explore the unexplored business avenues.

Effectiveness of Personal Meetings

Once upon a time, a lady CEO running a business came across a client. He was in need of technology to maintain his hotel business apart from their internet services. They were in Cameroon- Africa's throbbing heart. So, where to look for technology that too specially made for hotels in the land of white-sand beaches, volcanoes and thick rain-forests? The quest began. And she met eZee who had technology she required for hoteliers in her region.


'Efficient and effective personal meeting is a sign of bright business in future'

Thus started a partnership. To spread technology, to deliver solutions to hoteliers who need it across the world. She was excited to join new hospitality domain and eager to perform groundwork. Everything is set to begin when one is willing to learn. This is how our journey started. And that lady CEO is Emilie Nana of iSW Technosys, Cameroon; who visited eZee HQ last month.

Partner Empowerment Team has always been on toes to help eZee partners with anything and everything just for our partners' benefits. From training to support, marketing and all. During journey of partnering with eZee, they have come a long way to become most preferred hospitality solution provider in Cameroon. And further planning to expand services in neighboring countries as well.

What a fantastic illustration of combined efforts turning into success, isn't it! So when are you planning to make a trip here? No matter if you are our partner, client or even just well wisher; we invite you to visit us, have a cup of coffee and exchange words of wisdom.

eZee's pursuit of empowering partner in Maldives

Complementing each other, we work with businesses from distinguished domain and different expertise. And on multiple occasions, we have reached out to partners in their counties to lend a helping hand. Such is a case narrated here.


'Focusing on strength. Helping for betterment. Uplifting others, that's how WE RISE'

Recently, eZee deployed engineers from HQ to Maldives for 3 months to provide resource assistance to Acuity Business Solutions who is an eZee partner since 2010. On ground zero, both the team started joint efforts to command over streamlining business operations. We took in hands software support while the partner practiced what they are best at: regional sales.

Having worked together, we streamlined before-sale to after-sale operations; handling support queries and client onboarding; and delivering quality technical support to regional users.

The joint efforts were successful in equipping regional hoteliers with eZee's hospitality software. Currently, majority of restaurants, hotels, resorts and guesthouses in Maldives are equipped with eZee solutions.

There is so much to learn from this combined exercise. Read the entire case study here.

This is how strategic partnership can be mutually beneficial to both the partners. Have you partnered with eZee yet? Begin the dialogue now. Connect with us and let us reach to the next level.


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