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Why should you focus on after sales service?

You have just closed a great deal. And now you feel your job is done. But, wait! The real work starts here. Customer maintenance is probably much more difficult than customer acquisition. And that's where the challenge lies.


So what exactly post sales service includes?

Post sales, it's imperative for you to provide ground-level support to assist client on any query related to software, whether it's for any integration or onboarding or something else. With this, you're ensuring that your client doesn't have any complaints about you or your software.

And what are the benefits of after sales service?

  • Your customers are happy: Obviously, you're not working in a vacuum. So, your clients will have few complaints and will be satisfied with your timely and excellent services.
  • You get referrals: Definitely, with happier clients; there are more word of mouth recommendations. And that will lead to referrals turning into your long-term clients.
  • Your churn-out rate reduces: This way, you're going way ahead than your competition; which reduces your churn out ratio to a large extent.
  • Your bond strengthens: With the constant engagement that you have with your clients, they trust you better and your relationship gets stronger; turning into loyal clients for life.

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Keep your clients updated with eZee's technology

You see, there are quite a few innovations and updates taking place in our industry. Whether it's in on-premise solutions or that in cloud-based ones, over these years as a hospitality technology company, we've made it a priority to keep all our products updated with the latest trends and technology to help our users efficiently run their business. Do you know whether your clients are accessing the latest ones?


For instance, did you know about our recent launch of Innalytics - a complete data analysis tool? (We've got its video too. You can check it here). Apart from that, we've also got a Distribution Wizard to help perform bulk inventory and rate updates in a jiffy.

Our Payment Automation feature makes it easier for hoteliers to collect payments from their guests and validate credit card details, thus increasing their confirmed bookings. Well, there's a long list.

So you need to be aware of all these updates in our products so as to educate your clients on the same. How will it benefit you?

  • It will build your client's confidence level in operating your products.
  • The more updated they are, the less complaints they'll have.
  • Their operations will become smoother.
  • Your clients' efficiency will increase and so will their revenue.

These are just a few advantages of keeping your clients up-to-date with technology. We're constantly coming up with something new every other day. And you should gear up and know the in and out of upcoming features.

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How to regain your lost clients

Factually, the increase in number of clients is directly proportional to the number of clients you lose over a period of time. And that's a natural drift you witness in any business you take up. But then, do you let these clients go? Or do you try getting them back? Or atleast find out a proper reason as to what went wrong?


Well, winning them back is definitely not easy. But before doing that, you need to know whether it's worth it or not? You see, because you'll need to get their reason of leaving you, do some homework from your end and then try convincing them with a fresh perspective.

If you don't slow this pace down now, it'll become difficult for you down the lane. Here are a few ways using which you can get back your lost clients:

  • Take responsibility: Whatever the reason maybe for things going wrong, take the responsibility (of course, if it's relevant) and let them know you're there.
  • Address the problem: The reason of their leaving you maybe any. Pricing, services, quality; address that and work around the problem. This will make him think twice.
  • Consider him as a new prospect: Start convincing him like he's a new and fresh prospect. Don't keep fixating on the fact that he's an old customer.
  • Set up a different strategy: Don't use the same tactics you have every time to close a deal. Just set up a completely unique strategy to get those lost clients back.

And once these clients are back, stay in touch with them to make them feel valued. And not just the regained clients, do engage with all your clients to not lose them.

Almost every lost client is open to be won back if the right offer is on the table or if they are dealt with in the right way. But there will always be exceptions who don't want to come back regardless of what you say or do. And in this case you just have to accept that you can't win them all.

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Participate in exhibitions to build a solid brand

Participating in business exhibitions are an extraordinary form of advertising your products. You create high visibility and credibility through a powerful platform in the minds of your prospects and clients. This way you work extensively to build a reliable brand.


Why should you participate in business exhibitions?
Exhibitions have a two-way interaction, giving you an opportunity to demonstrate your products to the target audience with countless other benefits. A few of them mentioned below:

  • Branding of company and products: You're present where your industry is. And the ones there remember you as one of the players in the industry. This gives you a good branding.
  • Get qualified leads: Whoever you meet in these kinds of events are curious to know what you provide. If dealt in the right way, these visitors can turn into long-time clients. So, try closing the deals at the very moment by presenting genuine benefits.
  • Observe your competitors: Compare your products and services with that of your competitors'. Know what they're providing, at what price, and their strategies to plan what you need to do for your business.
  • You know what's in: Once you start interacting with the industry, you come to know what exactly they're looking for. And you may be able to come up with a brand new sales pitch.

Having read the above benefits you may need to develop a plan for participating in exhibitions and events. Or at least attend it as a visitor? Let us know your plan, and together we'll make the best out of it.


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