eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter March 2017
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A Helping Hand To Our Partners

What makes an ideal partnership is that both parties work extensively as a team towards the development and mutual progress of the organizations. Be it extensive market research, or resolving each other's queries or coming up with brand-new ideas everyday.

Onsite Trip

'Competition makes us faster. Collaboration makes us better.'

And over the time, eZee remains unparalleled in terms of resource assistance. Always eager to help out our clients and partners, we have continually aimed to offer top-notch services regardless of the location. Acknowledging the needs of our partner Bit Consulting and client Hotel Lacky in South Korea, one of our team members went on a 10-day visit there to offer training and implement our solutions. The trip proved to be an eye-opener for our partner and the client towards our exceptional services.

Besides this, one of our other team members went on a 90-day visit to Maldives to assist our partner Acuity Business Solutions in establishing the streamlined process of onsite support, as well as to implement our solutions at one of our partner's clients.

Whether it's an implementation or about putting up a process, our team members managed to offer excellent services to our partners and their clients. A lot has been said about our noteworthy support and our dedication towards providing the best for our partners and clients. Check out our tale of perseverance here.

One More Aspect Of Business

Ever since the world has discovered about business and management, sales and marketing have travelled parallel to each other with respect to any business regardless of the industry it belongs to. Neither of the terms need any definition, for if one brings in prospective clients, the other turns those into a definite client.


'Always challenge the old ways.'

Currently, when the whole world explores the untouched arenas of online marketing, one tends to forget the impact that traditional marketing may have on the business. One of the major element of that being Door-to-door Sales & Marketing. The leading advantage of this is that, while inbound and email sales and marketing may take days or even months, door-to-door approach will give you the result instantly, giving one, just a single shot to get it done. Pitching in person will help you understand what their requirements and difficulties are in real time. You'll be able to better anticipate the best solution to offer to your prospects. Door-to-door sales and marketing has a tendency to harden you up, prepare you for the actual real-life problems and eventually help you understand your clients.

In particular for newly opened businesses belonging to any genre, marketing and sales is what gives a face to them, helping them acquire long-term clients and a brand value. We have several more tips to give to you on marketing and sales. Check out our newsletters and stay updated with industry insights.

How Integrations Are Important

Many times, you must be getting requests from your clients or there may come up certain regional requirements from your local authorities which are to be incorporated in the existing system you have. Be it an integration with any third party system or tailor-made customizations, these updates help one to impart remarkable user experience.


'Ultimately, it comes down to supply and demand.'

Third party integrations not only facilitate the software to carry out defined tasks, but also make it convenient for the user to efficiently manage the hotel operations. Hoteliers can offer their guests quick payment operations, SMS notifications, credit card processing, and myriad of other features embedded with your software.

In lines with this, eZee's range of hospitality solutions is compatible with varied third party integrations, consequently helping the industry with convenient offerings. Such developments in the system are the cause of regional demands and requirements, which are followed by rigorous feasibility check and then implemented thoroughly. Additionally, you can offer your region-compatible software to your clients, meeting all their needs at one stop. Providing eZee's flexible and integrated software will turn out to be your USP and lure increasing number of clients everyday.

Third party integrations are an ever-evolving sector which are aimed to increase the adaptability and make it simple for all kinds of users. Up until now, we have developed several custom requirements in our solutions. Drop in a mail to us to let us know about your requirements.

Drawing Attention Towards Engagement

Good partnership is the one which gives an opportunity to both parties to offer the best solutions of all and eventually the one which solves the pain-points of each other. Besides this, periodic engagement is a must to maintain any partnership and business association over the time.


'Let's do it the best way.'

Compelling content, attractive design and websites, appealing and period email campaigns and connective social media posts. These form a part of engagement, effectively making one relate to the prospective clients and eventually giving a win-win situation for both the parties.

eZee, in such a way, renders customer engagement services to it's channel partners like content development, modern and professional website development, social media business page management, sending out regular email campaigns on their behalf, which brings in increasing number of leads and clients each day in the long run. Besides these services, eZee also runs regular PPC and advertising campaigns over search engines to boost their website rankings on Google. All of these, being a part of joint marketing are an element of our extensive and beneficial partnership programs.

We have myriad of benefits in all our partner programs. Check out those here and start availing these advantages by being our partner.


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