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Thrive ahead in your social media strife - Part 1

Social media has knit people together very closely and has made this world an even smaller place to be in. Not only for individuals but also for business firms like us, it brings a wide range of opportunities with many benefits like gaining better recognition among audience, improved communication with leads and clients and more. Moreover, it can even help us cut down on our marketing costs.


While a few of us may be aware of how to use social media for our benefits, a lot of us are still clueless about the right strategies to adopt. Hence, we bring you some strategies that you can use to grow your business. But social media is a wide topic and it can't be taken altogether. So, we're bringing them to you in two parts. The first part will be presented this month and the second part shall be brought to you next time.

Facebook: This is one of the oldest, most popular and most accessed social media platform. Hence, it is one of the most beneficial ones. The first step is to create a business profile and a business page. Then, you have to start working on making contacts on Facebook. Make sure that everyone you know or want to know professionally must be on your Facebook friends list. It can include your business partners, clients, leads and likewise. On Facebook, you can post about our products, about festivals, current events at your company and such that. Like our Facebook page to follow our activities on Facebook.

Instagram: It is the second most used platform after Facebook and even on Instagram, you will need a business profile. It is a medium where you can post pictures and short videos. Instagram has a followers list, here you can follow your competitors, clients, leads, business partners and so on. While you start engaging on Instagram, don't forget to add hashtags as it can help you to widen your reach among your target audience. Follow us on Instagram to see how are we managing our Instagram business profile.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional platform. Here, along with generating clients, you can even boost your professional relationships. You can establish connections with many hospitality professionals and professionals from other industries. Moreover, you can even recruit talented staff and have a passionate team that works for the common goal. Since LinkedIn concentrates more on the official front, you can post about the official activities. To know how eZee is doing on linkedIn, connect with us on LinkedIn today.

These are some strategies that we follow at eZee, do let us know your opinions on these. While you start implementing these ideas, make sure you remain consistent with your activities and very patient with the outcomes. We, at eZee, believe in getting ahead together and working at a grander scale. To be a part of such striking teamwork, sign up for eZee's partnership program today.

How can webinar help us win more business?

Webinars are taking over the business world by the storm. But are these webinars truly beneficial? Well, yes. Hosting webinars can be a smart business development strategy and if executed properly, they can bring many fruitful benefits.


Some of those benefits are listed and explained well below:

Stronger business relationship: During webinars, we can speak with many potential prospects and get a chance to understand our target audience better. This way we can figure out their pain points and requirements in a better way. As a result, we present them exactly what they need.

Brings more qualified leads: If you properly execute the pre-webinar and post-webinar marketing, you can gather more amount of qualified leads. While depending on the topic and the interaction during webinars, you can generate more qualified leads by just educating your audience properly.

Better connection with the existing circles: By conducting a webinar, we can build stronger connections with our existing leads and have an opportunity to make them our loyal clients. Which results in a more profitable business.

You make an effort to enhance your branding: By hosting webinars, we can put our business in the limelight. Along with presenting groundbreaking products that solve the pain points of the hospitality industry, we can showcase our skills, our work ethics and our services from a wider perspective. This adds more sparkle to our brand and brings us a broader recognition.

Webinars can be repurposed: After presenting the webinars, we can always reproduce so many marketing materials from the same script in a fresh and engaging way. We can present a series of eBooks or blogs that revolve around many important areas. This can help us with our agenda to cater to the hospitality industry from all the possible directions.

There can be many other such fruitful benefits of conducting a webinar. These are just a few from our sides. Do you have any ideas that we can address while conducting webinars? We would like to know about them. There are many such progressive ideas with which we can make joint efforts to have even wider recognition. To be a part of them, sign up for eZee's partnership program today.

Wondering how can you enhance client engagement?

Client engagement is an important part of the business. With customer engagement, we can encourage our clients to interact and share their user experience of our products and our company with us. If executed well, a strong customer engagement strategy can foster your brand growth and loyalty. Looking at how beneficial is client engagement for our business, we bring you some effective client engagement strategies.

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Encourage them to use our value-added features: eZee solutions have many robust features that can help our clients in making all their tasks easier and raise their revenue exponentially. But it is possible that some of our clients may not be aware of those value-added features or modules. In that case, we should make an effort to direct their attention to such features and encourage them to utilise our software completely. This will not only help them to manage their business in a better way but also enhance our relationship with them.

Praise them for using our exclusive features: While some of our clients may not be aware of the dynamic features that we provide, there are many of those who are diligently using them to make their hotel management tasks easier than ever before. In that case, we should go ahead and cheer them for having an even enhanced business. This way, we'll be able to understand their business better and will be able to guide them in an even better way.

Connect with them on social media: Surely we can market our business very well on social media, but along with that we can also enhance our client engagement. While you keep posting your content, encourage your clients to comment on those posts and drop reviews. While they do so, reply to those comments at the earliest. Consider welcoming all the positive and negative feedbacks and comments with equal grace.

These are just a few client engagement strategies that we follow. Do you follow any client engagement strategy? We would also like to know about it.


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