eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter June 2018
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Coming soon: Online Reputation Management System

At this juncture, an increase or decrease in star rating of any hotel can affect its occupancy percentage to a great extent. So it does not remain hidden, that reputation and revenue are directly proportional to each other; which makes it essential to manage the reviews. But, in the midst of several operations to handle, it becomes very difficult for a hotelier to track and respond to reviews coming from different mediums like TripAdvisor, OTAs and so on.

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"Reputation is only a candle, easily blown out, but it is the light by which the world looks for and finds merit" - James Russell Lowell

Hence, we are coming soon with eZee reputation management system that handles all the reviews with ease and eventually decor a hotel's online presence.

Attributes of the Online Reputation Management System:

  • Receive all the reviews from different OTAs to one place.
  • Track and monitor every review.
  • Respond to all reviews from one place.
  • Perform sentiment analysis to conceive guests' behavior.
  • Get a detailed insight of which services are being well-liked by the guests and which are not.

Eventually, by working upon weak points one can improve guest experience. With addition of Reputation Management System to our all-combined solutions, you're bound to provide surplus to your clients, keeping them delighted with your services. So, it's not just streamlined hotel management, but you'll be helping your hotel clients emerge as the best property across the web.

Our online reputation management system will help hotels magnify their online presence. You can explore more and get the first look of our Reputation Management System. (Contacting your account manager will also do!)

We at eZee always try to serve the patrons, exceptionally with such add-ons. Not a partner yet? Join our prospering partner network, and be a leading edge technology provider.

How a CRM system helps you drive more revenue

Digital automation in any industry has resulted in far-reaching effects. It has upturned small enterprise into big business houses, generating tons of leads and thereby increasing the revenue. Simultaneously, managing these numerous leads are a big challenge. That's where a CRM comes in.


"Nurture, nurture and nurture your leads to achieve high conversions."

Initially, you must work on planning marketing goals which could propel lead generation. And, for a consistent flow of leads and increased sales frequency, you ought to use a CRM.

We encourage you to use LeadSquared, a comprehensive system that does the job of marketing, lead distribution, as well as that of a CRM.

LeadSquared helps you implement below points:

  • Lead distribution
  • Create and manage landing pages
  • Tracking your leads from different sources
  • Understand lead and client behavior
  • Maintain database of leads and clients
  • Plan and send email campaigns to your database
  • Drip campaigns for lead nurturing and customer engagement
  • And more...

Besides, you can also identify hot leads and keep a check on pending tasks for each lead. Thus, you get a systematic flow of all the leads that transform into higher conversions = sales and revenue boost.

This is one of the many steps we take to empower our partners. Ask your Account Manager to help you get started with your LeadSquared account. With above tips and more, do you want an excellent turnover from your business? Partner with us to gain more revenue.

We're here to help you out and empower you

Learning and getting trained is a continuous process to empower you. The moment you stop learning you are strayed away from your business expansion mode. For partners like you, we have a training process that lasts for a month or 2 and at various intervals consistently.


"Be prepared to set a lasting impression on the client."

We've addressed and resolved your issues, meanwhile optimizing our training programs; whether it's for new product updates, product launches or partnership business training.

Here's what you get in eZee's partner empowerment training:

  • Product knowledge on all the eZee solutions
  • Master the art of closing the deals, selling and upselling
  • Breaking the competition stereotype
  • Brainstorming on your lead's pain-points and ways to solve them via eZee products
  • Setting your hand on marketing collaterals and PPTs for an effective presentation
  • Targeting the right audience and offering the best mileage of eZee solutions
  • And more...

With above points in mind, you will be equipped with higher desire to perform. You ought to develop technical know-how for business development, along with effective communication skills and product knowledge to get hold of your market and skyrocket your sales.

Contact your account manager to get training date scheduled as per your convenience. Or you can begin a quick chat on Skype and confirm your session. For an amicable partnership, enroll now!

Partners from Philippines and Goa visit eZee

Known as better halves, our partners form the core of the conglomerate that eZee is. We revere the partnerships, their goals and cherish interactive moments with partners at our headquarters - Surat. Apart from being in regular contact with our partners via digital connections, personal visits have a big significance for us.


"We welcome and build memories with partners from local and international borders."

Every month we've got partners visiting our head office. This time we welcomed our partners; Emerson Ibon, MD of Netsynch Computer Solutions, Fortunado Mercado of Fortle Telecom Solutions Inc. from Philippines and Parixit Popat, Co-founder of Revtech from Goa.

The partners had a meeting with our CEO Aeijaz Sodawala, CTO Harshdeep Khatri, and founders Vipul Kapoor and Hitesh Patel. We opened the floor for discussion on sales and marketing strategies as well significant product features. Few highlights were also shared on emerging trends and opportunities in the hospitality industry in their respective regions. New aspirations and business targets were planned out.

And, after a busy day, they enjoyed the long drive, stationing at city's popular restaurants with eZee and created memorable moments over dinner.

So, planning to visit eZee HQ? Do leave a message, and we'll be ready to give you a warm welcome. And, when you become our partner, you'll love to enjoy eZee's companionship benefits.


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