eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter June 2017
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eZee CEO is Coming Across the Oceans to Meet You

When you work on global platform, distances and time zones relentlessly challenge you. Nonetheless, networking, human interaction, action planning, and creating a unanimous vision have to be well kept.

Though technology is at rescue in countering the distance blocks, and connecting with faraway partners or clients just by sitting in office; importance of business travel and face-to-face meeting still remains on top.


That is why eZee CEO is initiating 'The Global Partnership Expedition with eZee'. Under this expedition, Aeijaz shall visit numerous eZee partners at their base. He shall carry with himself an agenda of understanding partners' business goals, market conditions and challenges from ground zero.

This would simply,

  • Strike up a conversation,
  • Find and lock up synergies between our businesses,
  • Widen our footprints and outlook,
  • Uncover and create new opportunities,
  • Increase our communication and team spirit,
  • Invest in our mutual success,
  • Develop a more productive relationship.

This can obviously not take place in video conferences or online channels. Thus, we try and give a refreshing personal touch to our more-than-just-business partnership.

What is that major aspect that you want to discuss about with Aeijaz? Do build your own agenda and send it to us, so that it can be quickly covered when he arrives there.

Cambodian partner on a meet and greet spree at eZee HQ

"Strengthen the bond, come together and exchange ideas to do more."  This is the mantra of 'eZee partner meet' at HQ in India. This month we invited and hosted our partner Mr. Nigel Miranda from ePenh Co. Ltd, Cambodia.


We step towards our mutual goal every time we meet our partners. This rendezvous too, was aimed to land up on better processes, systems and ideas to grow further and innovate. We partners talked about everything ranging from software integration, interfaces, customization to marketing strategy and more.

This is when we derive best concepts on delivering quicker and efficient support, swift troubleshooting of client queries, overcoming the language barrier in region and more. eZee has always been aggressive in approaches when it comes to assisting partners with training, implementation, marketing or anything that helps them accelerate the process.

Thinking about visiting us? You are most welcome. This is how you can reach eZee HQ. Or you can always get in touch with your account manager to plan out a visit.

Tried our Rate Shopping Tool yourself? This is how it works

You know that we keep adding new business friendly tools for you and your clients to achieve new highs in business and hospitality. Recently we added new Rate Shopping Tool for efficient competition tracking. The tool has already gathered immense curiosity and every now and then we are receiving requests to try this tool in live environment.


Hence, we have come up with demo account for you to evaluate and see for yourself as to how does rate shopping operate. Use this account for a complete exploration of the system, how to add hotels for comparison, what all you can analyze with this tool and moreover, how to use this for all round competition tracking.

As an eZee partner, you hold advantage of quick access and trial to all new features and tools before market release. Taking a feature ride and understanding it will give an edge while your clients ask for it, as rate shopping is one of the essential requirements of modern hoteliers. So why not get ready and armed beforehand?

Before convincing your hotel clients to implement this tool, it would be a good idea to check yourself how this works. Want to try? Contact your account manager now or Skype eZee Channel network team to get credentials.

Webinars coming up: Stay updated in real time

Did you ever feel that we updated something and you came to know about it after a while? You were busy troubleshooting something and our developers released a new feature and you missed some details? The collective feedback received from you partners said that there has to be an instant delivery of updates from eZee to partners worldwide.


Worry not, we always try and walk hand in hand with you. That is why we are coming up with this idea of conducting webinars.

The idea resulted as a solution to quick delivery of particulars to all partners in shortest possible time. Be it software updates, new features, ideas, quick-fix strategies, sales and business best practices or radical solutions to counter regional barriers. We want to cover anything and everything in your empowerment. We'll be covering all USPs of eZee solutions too.

These webinars shall not only increase your knowledge but also help you effectively pitch eZee solutions in front of your clients.

Very soon we'll send you webinar invites to all you partners on when we'll schedule it and how you can attend it. Meanwhile, you can inform us if you want us to cover a special topic for you.

Looking forward to your valued suggestions. Stay tuned for more.


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