eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter June 2017
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Telemarketing: That old school method to win clients

Telemarketing and cold calling! Did you just squint your eyes while reading this? Relax, because we are going to show you the golden side of this much practiced business expanding technique.


'Just imagine! Saying a random hello can take you to unexpected successes.'

How come telemarketing fits in our B2B type of sales?  Well, connecting with a lead directly over a phone call gives you a practical shot at getting to know who you are dealing with, identify local buyer persona, and better strategize on how to win them over.

Wondering what are the benefits? You can,

  • Connect with potential customers
  • Make a wider audience aware about what you offer
  • Get what works and what not in market by quickly interacting with end user
  • Generate interest, create opportunities, and produces leads by telephone
  • Reduce the time, efforts and cost of finding new customers (the best one, isn't it!)

Quick tip: Do not call randomly with your robotic sales pitch. Do your homework by researching about whom you are calling, then reach out, listen to them, and present your product and services as a solution to their operational difficulties.

How eZee helps you? Contact your rep at eZee, let him/her know that you are interested in telemarketing in your country. We'll discuss about it and go ahead. If you need anything anytime get in touch with us, without a hitch, we've always got your back.

And yes, you won't receive any anonymous call after reading this article.

Here is eZee Optimus: the mighty cloud POS for you to test

Buzz is in the air about eZee's brand new cloud based Point of Sale system eZee Optimus. You have been waiting to get the first look, right? The wait is over. Here we are, ready with the beta version of our cloud POS.

eO Free Trial

'Wanna have an Optimus look at your restaurant from cloud? Way to go!'

As you are proud eZee partners, you hold the benefit of availing early access to this exclusive product.

Introducing any new product to your clients is always tricky, however it gives you a sure shot at cross selling. First thing unarguably is testing the waters. We are giving you an inside peek of the system. So have a look around the prime features, examine the best functions, find out the USPs and get set to bring the system in your market.

Get in touch with your account manager and get access to the system now. Or send us a mail if you want us to share more details on this.

eZee Optimus cloud POS for your clients:

Your clients might want to try cloud POS too. Hence, you can ask any of your selected clients to try eZee Optimus beta. They can start with 60 days free trial. Ask them to contact you and you can send us their details. Let us take small step towards client roster building!

Partners for the future: eZee and Wise Technology, Taiwan

And again we come up with one more remarkable partnership story to share with you. This time it is Taiwanese hospitality and travel market that we are associating with. We recently partnered with Wise Technology Corp whereby they shall offer our Channel Manager eZee Centrix in the country.


'This is how a right partner can lead you to right results.'

This way, we are going a step further in providing Channel Manager in Chinese language. Along with this, software support will be provided in Chinese to local users.

Located in Taipei, Taiwan; Wise Technology Corp. deals in hospitality technology, operations automation, and various ERP services. Key properties and hotel groups in Taiwan are already benefiting with Wise's solutions and services. Actively working in leisure travel industry, Wise would now equip their users with total hospitality solutions.

Such partnerships are examples how we organizations can collectively provide praiseworthy services, deliver what our clients need from us and grow together. Have you signed that partner deal with us yet? What are you waiting for. Do it now. Contact us and seal the deal.

Partnership queries escalated to eZee CEO

Many a times, while making big business decisions or troubleshooting queries, you expect outcomes as per your set agenda. You'd feel that you need to think, confirm, assure and then give the final partnership punch. While, you contact us and all this might take time, you would want ideas and dialogues to conclude faster. Sometimes, the important decisions, if made by the top authorities bring traction that outlast partnership journey and result in evermore missions.

eZee - CEO

'Happy to help to pursue and realize our mutual partnership goals.'

Message from Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO, eZee Technosys; "I intend to accelerate the getting-to- know-each- other step. In order to cultivate a long lasting partnership, we should be able to find right answers in due time. We need partners like you. Come, let's have a little talk."

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What are you waiting for? Connect now.


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