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STP: Is it worth for your business?

It's not a hidden fact that, to survive in such competitive industry; you constantly need to scrutinize your target audience, their needs and pain points, and even glance at the competitor offerings. An active interaction results in fruitful outcome and that is what segmentation, targeting and positioning or STP is all about. Now, be rest assured that you can't serve the hospitality industry to the utmost satisfaction, but you can do the best for your target audience.

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"No company in its right mind tries to sell to everyone." - Philip Kotler, Renowned Marketing Expert

Segmentation: Because you're regularly in communication with your audience (hoteliers and restaurateurs that is), you know exactly what they need. And then you connect those needs with eZee's total hospitality solutions (we're open to regional compliance. So you're leads get what they're looking for with you). So, you partition your audience in terms of their needs and your offerings.

Targeting: Digital marketing like websites, blogs, emails and social media helps you target your audience. Besides, you can overpower your competitors easily through these aspects. Lead nurturing through consistent and personalized communication, as well as customer engagement by updating them about new products and offerings; consist of targeting. Your availability 24x7 in this case can work wonders addressing their queries.

Positioning: You need to let your audience know how versatile your products are and what their scope of operation is. Just like we're open to hostels, serviced apartments, resorts, B&Bs, guesthouses and more. Once they know what you're offering, you establish your positioning.

Employ a few more ideas popping in your mind related to STP that meet the needs of your target audience (there are thousands of possibilities). Don't forget to execute the above-mentioned marketing bits, and witness your conversions go high!

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Launching Critique: The hotel reputation management system

According to the facts, a 1% increase in reputation leads to an occupancy increase of up to 0.54 % and this leads up to a 1.42% increase in RevPAR. These stats clearly depict the importance of reputation for every hotel. Reputation, especially in the hotel industry is as important as finance and associations. It not only builds the brand but it binds the trust of the guests.


"In a digitally connected world, a byte of data can boost or bite your brand" - Bernard Kelvin Clive

Being a company known for providing complete hospitality solutions, we understand the significance of reputation and hence have launched a comprehensive and cost-effective online reputation management system for hotels, termed as Critique. The system will put hoteliers at ease in following ways:

  • Review aggregation from review sites.
  • Responding to the reviews from one place.
  • Sentiment analysis to gauge guest behavior and preferences.
  • Insights on the hotel's most preferred services.
  • Information on the services which need to be improved.
  • Effective bifurcation of reviews.
  • Notifications on receival of each review.
  • Save pre-drafted responses.

Moreover, eZee being TripAdvisor connectivity partner, will help your clients gain more reviews on TripAdvisor. A single system to handle A - Z of reputation management.

We've always gone to great lengths in terms of new innovations to provide plentitude to our partners and hotel industry as well. Such efforts have lumped together eZee and its clients. So, by partnering with eZee you can also walk that extra mile to provide your customers surplus and have a growing customer base. This is just one of many partnership benefits.

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Our Kenyan horse Imtiyaz Adamjee reveals his secret to success

A bond between two entities that are 7-seas apart get constantly rejuvenated via digital interaction. But, this is not enough! Personal interaction has its charisma, and this time coincidentally we had the honorable presence of eZee's pioneer Partner, Imtiyaz Adamjee who shared his thoughts on HiFin and eZee's relationship at eZee's Annual General Meeting.


"Small companies will be the true leaders of global economy." - Jack Ma, Alibaba Group

The septuagenarian spoke words of wisdom. His critical analysis of the competitor products and suggested enhancements have added to the value of eZee products over the years. From the initial days of developing a standalone on-premise hotel software, to restaurant POS, entry into cloud arena with a PMS, channel manager, booking engine, F&B POS, reputation management system, mobile apps, multiple integrations, enhancements and more, eZee's journey is quite thrilling to becoming a renowned provider of all-in-one hospitality software solutions. Thanking eZee's Co-founders Vipul Kapoor, Hitesh Patel and eZee members modestly, Imtiyaz assured a strong alliance in the coming years.

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