eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter July 2017
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eZee inaugurates its newest branch office in Indonesia

With immense proud, we announce that eZee is now officially present in Indonesia. We have opened up a branch office in Bali, the prime island of the country. Having considered large scale growth, it is an important move for us to make in hospitality IT industry.


'Across the borders we stretch out, to deliver better and serve more people!'

An important tourism market like Indonesia promises fulfillment of our mission to empower hoteliers. eZee solutions already have a strong foothold in country. Then, opening a branch office in the vicinity of local hoteliers would help us serve better and provide enhanced support, onsite implementation, training and sales services.

Visit eZee in Indonesia at: JL. Kebo Iwa Utara 4X, Banjar Batu Kandik, Denpasar - Bali, Indonesia.
Or call on: +62-812-3828-1008
How about dropping a mail at sales@ezeetechnosys.id

We took the expansion to a new vertical, after our successful endeavor in Malaysia in 2011. As a result of accumulated experience of 6 years, the next logical step was to set up base in a familiar market like Indonesia. Before we stepped foot in country, our partner Mr. Dion Satrio (PT Kreativindo Cipta Ventura) has already been representing eZee in Indonesia since years.

We seek best wishes from you in achieving higher levels of excellence. Get in touch with us and we can land up on some new strategies to excel in Indonesia as well as your local markets.

eZee's pursuit to facilitate partners' business

Carrying forward the brand promise of "makes business simplified" we at eZee always ensure that we set up winning opportunities to everyone partnering with us. It begins with adding business value to the organizations who head-start with selling eZee hospitality solution in their region.


'Growth is never by chance; it is the result of teams working together.'

Everyday we receive hundreds of leads as a result of strong brand reputation and effective marketing globally. To speed up business and sales, we forward the leads to local eZee partner in their region. This seemingly small act pays big time to everyone; eZee, their partners and the prospects. And more is,

  • Over the couple of years, we have forwarded around 30,000 to 40,000 leads to partners in 140 countries.
  • On an average, we pass more than 150-500 leads from time to time to partners based on their regions.
  • Out of those forwarded leads, our existing partners have been able to achieve closures upto 25%.
  • Owing to the readily available quality leads, eZee partners have witnessed growth till 150% in the market they are operating in.
  • This practice keeps the partners free from worrying about lead generation and they can better focus on providing excellent solutions to hoteliers in their region.
  • The leads too get quick services from their own regional service provider, in the language they speak. This increases conversion rates remarkably.

Are you an eZee partner yet to avail these golden benefits? Leverage your brand and business reputation by spreading eZee's leading edge hospitality technology. Get in touch with us now to discuss more on how to grow out business together.

Profiting advantages of creating a sub-reseller network

As an eZee partner you cover your regional market and wish to expand further like an ideal organization aiming to scale and grow large. To achieve those objectives quickly and easily, let us share a trade secret that is "Importance of creating a sub-reseller network in B2B business".


'Little wins together make a big win. Make your team now and thrive!'

Why should you work with a sub-reseller when you are selling eZee solutions in your region? There are plenty of benefits that you would want to think about, such as;

A big time cost reduction
Though IT revolution would deny it, but the world is indeed a big place. And your market too is not small when it comes to traveling from east to west and north to south for demo, implementation, support or anything. At such times, your sub resellers can take up nearby locations and convert the prospect at a lesser cost for you.

Manage more with a small team
Your team is stupendous and capable of reaching everywhere, still there would be a limit to the number of leads or clients they can personally attend to in a day, right? Then a sub reseller network under you expands your team and skill sizes and simply enables you to do more.

A little profit is better than no profit
You missed a presentation with a prospect due to packed schedule and (s)he ended up contacting your competitor and eventually you lost the deal. If you had a sub reseller in that region for attending to the lead on time, you would still hold possibility to get business and your share of profit.

Higher availability and reach
With a sub-reseller network, you increase capability and availability to quickly be there to answer inquiries of your prospects coming from various locations. You can reach and convert more people with reduced expenses and a lower cost of acquisition in lesser time, while focusing dedicatedly on your region.

Thus, you can cover wider region, expand your network and bandwidth and manage the market while controlling and overtaking the competition. There are more benefits that our business experts can guide you with. Stop thinking, start doing and growing!

The Partner Portal: eZee's ultimate resource center

Every now and then we develop a new resource for partners, clients and leads for purposes ranging from sales and marketing to support. As a partner, you might request one or the other kind of latest collateral or document that you wish to use at various business instances.


'Resources are better used maximally. We make it easier for you to put them in use.'

Continuing the resource-driven approach since ever, recently we launched the much awaited 'Partner Portal'. A centralized library containing all the resources that you would need from us. Now no need to send a mail and wait for the document to arrive. Everything is here at your fingertips.

In a nutshell, Partner Portal is;

  • One-stop library for exclusive eZee resources
  • Access to extensive sales, marketing and technical collaterals
  • No more requests on emails or chats
  • Removal of communication for updated versions
  • Authentic location to access restricted documents

Response to this Partner Portal speaks volumes about its utility. We thank all the partners who are making the most of it. Have you received your credentials to access the partner portal? Get in touch with your account manager now and make use of our enriched document library to avail big deal benefits.


For more information Email us at partners@ezeetechnosys.com
or call us on : +91 823 805 9911, +91 90999 41866
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