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Now Is The Time To Get Ready And Win Over Your Competition

Competition. What comes to mind when you hear this word? A lost client? Lost revenue? Difficulty in sale? And what not? Competition in your local market can make your business less easier if not difficult. Sounds like a good reason for not taking it lightly, isn't it? Hence, we are putting up spotlight on some key factors to win over your competition:

unique selling point

'Competition brings out the best in you. And that is good. A win-win for everyone'

  • Highlight what you have that others don't: And that is all-in-one solutions. Yes, you have got an entire package. Everything a hotelier would need to manage operations and more. This is the most important aspect. By offering all what your clients need, you get an edge over competition.
  • Recognize your USPs: More than anyone else, you need to understand what you are best at. Train your staff to put forth your strength.
  • Let your clients know that they are getting the best in market: After you identify your USPs, it's time to educate your clients and make them aware about what makes you better than the rest.
  • Understand your competition: Competitive analysis is vitally important. Catch and stay up to date with changes in market around you. Learn why and how they are doing what; and update your plans accordingly.
  • Analyze your customers: Your clients too might be looking for your competition to buy it for a better deal. You have got internet, perform competitive analysis and evaluate.

Be it improvement in customer service, re-considering pricing, or updating products and portfolio; you too can do better and more. You can even change the way your clients look at you and re-brand yourself to be stronger and powerful.

Having been operating globally, we have got some good amount of information on how to thrive locally. Would you to like get an idea about the most effective practices? Let's talk more about it!

How To Get Better At Personalized Marketing

Hundreds of businesses are changing the way they advertise, to move towards the inbound way of marketing and lead generation. To initiate a change in traditional marketing practices, let us bring out how does it relate to our hospitality industry and how can you practice it.


'Unless we change direction, we shall end up where we are headed. Hence, adjust your focus now.'

What should be the goal of your marketing plan?

To make bigger number of people familiar with your business, so that they would buy from you.

How to achieve that?

  • Be interactive and engage them naturally. Understand what would your ideal client look like. Imagine buyer persona.
  • Apply a personal touch to everything from your website to landing pages, brochures and videos, social media and all resources you create.
  • Train your team to effectively practice this new way of marketing.
  • Create a right pitch to present your solutions.
  • Connect with them on various life-cycle touch-points.
  • Focus on quality of leads. Never fight for clients' attention. Address their core requirements and they'll come to you.
  • Personalize! Whether it is an email campaign or social media, personalizing is the way to attention grabbing.
  • Use right tools for right purpose.
  • Develop resources in local languages.
  • Establish 24/7 communication channels and many other ways to count.

What is the result?

High quality lead generation. Simple! This way you build trust, relationship and credibility. Your efforts are always channelized to the right audience.

Coming to a full circle, add a pinch of networking, customer relationship and feedback collection to your action plan and you are all set. Contact the experts at eZee to get a hands on training on right marketing.

Be Ultra-Quick When It Comes To Communication

What are communication issues?
The other day a prospect lead tried to reach and could not connect to you? You lost a sale opportunity. Most of the time your clients try calling you but you have got bad network, busy lines, lesser resources to attend it and blah blah blah. With these symptoms you have clearly got communication issues.


'Connecting. It all starts with you. And all it takes is a little effort.'

So what if you go along without changing it?
Well, the lack of quick support might vex your leads/clients. If you aren't there to troubleshoot their technical queries, they might move to someone who gives better assistance.

How can you correct this?
Try to set up wide spread communication lines with options like online, telephonic, messaging, email, personal visit. Just like we are quite famous for our 24/7 support and channels. To recommend a few, here are our picks:

  • Live chat
  • Toll free phone number
  • Email Tickets
  • Real time messaging systems: SMS, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, or any messaging app that is popular in your region.

And the benefits?
Attending to a prospect on right time gives you a better shot at winning them. When the lead is most interested, quick communication holds the power to close the deal. This is how you can harness this crucial aspect of staying connected with your users. Even with a small team, you can streamline communications with these tools. Get in touch with communication experts at eZee for quick tips.

What, Why And Hows Of Upselling And Cross-selling

Clients have wide ranging requirements and we have got comprehensive solutions to address them all. Be it hotel operations management, capturing website bookings, bookings from OTAs, restaurant operations, modern menu, feedback collection, website design and SEO, mobile app building and a lot more. This makes it super easy for you to up sell and cross sell. Moreover, the ones who are already buying from you have high chances of purchasing more from you again.


'Sales opportunities are everywhere around you. Look for them and thrive!'

How does it benefit you?

  • Increased sales volume
  • Additional revenue
  • Lowered cost of acquisition
  • Relationship building
  • Higher customer stickiness

How can you upsell and cross sell with eZee solutions and your existing services?

  • Clients who are using a hotel software (eZee Absolute online PMS, or eZee FrontDesk on-premise PMS), you can offer them Booking Engine and/or Channel manager to upsell.
  • Give a requirement scan to your clients using eZee FrontDesk already, find out if they require additional modules or not and guide them towards how add-ons can make it easier for them.
  • Clients using online or desktop based PMSs, can also buy eZee BurrP! or eZee Optimus restaurant POS. Way to sell more, isn't it!

Check out this FAQ section for any questions that you might have regarding selling eZee solutions. Or your account managers are already there to guide you through.


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