eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter January 2019
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Resource Center: A handy kit to persuade your prospects

The resource center is a goldmine of the online documents. Right from the videos, logos, data gathering sheets, blogs, training guidelines, and everything more; you'll find all these assets in one place.


Basically, it contains everything that you might need to showcase eZee's solutions to your prospects and serve your clients better.

Now, how does the Resource Center make your work easy?

  • It improves your meetings: This resource center helps you stay focused on your prospect meetings without having to worry about the required brochures and other documents.
  • Lets you stay updated: As it is online, the resource center is always up-to-date with the latest documents. This reduces your to and fro in communication to gain new information.
  • Maintain reputation: Many times it happens that we forget some documents that are important at the time of a prospect meeting. The loss of documents compels them to think that you are not well-prepared. The resource center will help you maintain your brand reputation in such scenarios.
  • Check out our resource center made especially for our partners. Sign up for our partnership program today to get access to such effective collaterals and endless benefits.

Strategies for being the spin masters in 2019 - Part 2

Do you remember the strategies we sent in the previous newsletter? We discussed about customer delight and exploring untouched perspectives at length to push your business in new light this year.

This time, in Part 2 of the strategies, We bring you details about the digital platforms that you should utilise to reach more target audience.


Webinars and Events: This is a great platform to answer all questions of your prospects. There might be lots of question and confusion which becomes the biggest obstacles for your prospects or leads for not converting into customers.
Scheduling an online webinar or organizing an on-ground event for your leads is the best way to interact and analyze their perspective on our products. We've been doing a lot many events since years. Check out the details here and determine whether you'd want to organize one in your region.

Social Media Presence: Today, it is important to be active on social media. Because, if we analyze in depth - most of our target audience is using social media platforms like; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Continuously posting your latest product enhancements, achievements and even new client enrollments will help you attract prospects. Not only that, it'll also help foster your brand image.

Be Reachable on Google: Creating informative content is of no use if your target audiences are not finding it on the top page of a search engine like - Google.
Hospitality businesses search for the best hospitality technology providers before deciding on the best one. Hence, implementing tactics like good website, performing SEO and having a Google Business Listing will push your business up on Google.
It's not limited to this. We've lot many new strategies that can help you in the best ways to reach to the right target audience and grow your business. This is one of the many reasons of partnering with us.

Supercentre at your doorstep- eZee Marketplace is now live!

Third-party interfaces have become a must these days for any technology, especially when it comes to hospitality technology. Here, operations are not just limited to front-office and back-office, but are derived to imparting best guest experience.

That being said, even you must've received hundreds of requests from your prospects and clients to arrange third-party integrations of keycard door lock, or a payment gateway or any other; with eZee's hospitality solutions.

This fact and the existence of 800+ third-party integrations with our solutions put forth a need to bring together all these integrations at one place, which is known as the eZee Marketplace.

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eZee Marketplace is an online catalog that makes it easy for partners, prospects and clients to find and read information about any third-party integration we have with our solutions, and even request for the integration. Companies can also submit their request to enlist themselves in this comprehensive marketplace.

How will this Marketplace help you?
Suffice to say, the eZee Marketplace will help you attend to your region's integration requirements without much hassle. Some other benefits can be:

  • Brand acclamation: A company with strong integration with multiple brands is instantly recognizable. By showing that eZee is integrated with well-known brands will create trust and reliability in the industry.
    Hence, a strong brand sells more at a better price. This way, you'll not only be able to increase the ease of purchase but also will be able to build an entire brand experience.

  • One product multiple benefits: If you see, all our products offer multiple benefits to the hotels and restaurants; not just limited to the straightforward business operations.
    The reason being their integration with such wide range of third-party companies that are necessary for a hospitality business' success.

  • Open to new integrations: On top of all the existing integrations, eZee is always open to integrate with a new company pertaining to the requirements. This factor makes us unique in the industry.
    This way, with eZee Marketplace, you'll be able to enhance and build relationships with your customers and develop your business gradually. Check out the eZee Marketplace today!


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