eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter January 2018
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Here's how you can grow your business in 2018

Being a business owner, you've got to constantly strategize in order to take your business to the next level. As 2018 has set in, we just want to make sure that you've got enough to turn this into a successful year. Our motto for the year 2018 is to help you grow.


We've always cherished partnerships ever since our foundation. And while we've always got our clients to look after, our partners have been an integral part of our journey. With an aim to help you scale new heights of success, here's how we'll help you make it big in 2018:

  • Enhanced products with improved user experience: Having tried and tested products since last several years and growing clientele every year, we're constantly working towards innovating and enhancing our products aiming for ultimate user experience. Our offerings with cutting-edge technology will upturn your business.
  • A hand in digital marketing: Partnering with us will mean that we'll work together in boosting your brand through digital marketing and other tactics. This will ensure big returns over a period of time to you.
  • Your offerings will expand: When you partner with us, you'll get a chance to integrate your products and services with ours and sell them together. And the more you've got to offer, the more business you'll attract.
  • Live 24x7 support and free training: It's not just the products that we have. But you and your clients will also get undeterred attention from our live 24x7 technical support team and unlimited free product training.

These are few benefits out of hundreds, which you'll get on partnering with us. Become our partner today to achieve new successes in 2018!

How can you ensure seamless onboarding

Once in a while, you may have run into conflicts with your clients, simply because they failed to understand a particular product feature. Suffice to say, having completely misunderstood a product leads to impossible expectations by clients about functioning, leaving you stranded with unsatisfactory performance evaluation.


So, what could the possible solution be? The best would be to have and execute a systematic onboarding process. Yes, its a complex process. But breaking it down into simple steps will help to get a clearer picture about on-boarding. Here's what you can do in your onboarding:

  • Requirement Gathering: Assess his needs thoroughly and make a list of those for a faster onboarding. Determine necessary number of trainings that he'll need.
  • Planning: Devise a proper onsite implementation plan and share with the client so that he's aware about how it'll work. Make sure to have all the onsite visits on record.
  • Resource Sharing: Equip him with all the necessary tools, resources, FAQs about the product, essentially ensuring that he is well-set to operate the software independently.
  • Ensure satisfaction: Give him a check-up call in few days and make sure that there's not been any trouble using the system and if there's anything else he needs.
  • Clear communication: Keep him updated on everything related to his implementation. Whether you're with any third party, or communicating with his staff, keep it clear.

Here's how systematic onboarding will benefit you in the long run:

  • With a set process, you'll be able to quickly bring your client onboard.
  • Your ROI is directly linked with the value that the product creates for the client.
  • It increases productivity of client and he experiences improved performance.

In the end, a happy client will pose as a source of long-term revenue for you and will bring in more clients with recommendations.

We've got so many tips to share to help you provide seamless services to your clients. That's what partnering with us will get you. Talk to us and we'll guide you with the best for your business.

Partner Portal: Our knowledge repository

When you're selling a product, it becomes imperative to know the in and out of its functioning and benefits. On the same lines, your leads may be asking you hundreds of questions on how eZee solutions work. Sure, we're always there for you. But won't it be convenient if you've one less call to make, and just get every information you need at one place?


So, we came up with this Partner Portal, A.K.A our knowledge repository which is not just meant to provide documents to your leads, but also for you to get familiarized with eZee's product portfolio and know the nuances of the ones that are of interest to you.

What does the portal have?

We keep coming out with new product updates and documents on a very regular basis to support the needs of hospitality industry. The portal has:

  • Marketing collaterals
  • Technical documents
  • Product update information
  • Blogs
  • Exhibition banners
  • Newsletters
And much more.

The good part about the repository is that everything is put under the same roof. So you don't have to waste time browsing through several product websites. Documents are categorized and subcategorized with products and type of documents.

All of these are available online so you need not carry bulky brochures when you go for meetings. Contact your account manager today and get access to our knowledge repository right away!

eZee has got everything for everyone

As a complete hospitality solutions provider, we're now adept in understanding what the hospitality industry needs and specialize in giving the best solution to all kinds of accommodation providers. That means, when you sell eZee solutions, you'll have a wider target audience and higher sale.


Whether it is serviced apartments, hostels, resorts, chain of hotels, guest house, motels, lodges, vacation rentals, B&Bs; we have an answer to it.

So, if you come across any type of accommodation provider now, all you need to do is let them know how eZee solutions will benefit them and make their day-to-day operations easier.

Or, if you're focusing on just one type of property, even so; eZee solutions will tend to be the best choice for your clients. Determine your target audience today and make them aware on what you have for them as you partner with eZee.

Let us know what you're planning to grow your target audience, and we'll tell you what eZee has got to help you.


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