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Disclosing The Value Of Targets

Setting targets is important. Be it monthly, yearly, or whether it overlaps any amount of time frame. But when you set a target, and diligently work on it; you comprehend the before and after scenarios, eventually allowing you to take a look at the path you took.


This is how a target and forming a plan of action holds significance over performance. Be it a sales target, or a task target, you make sure to follow what you decide and what you promise yourself. And then, you are bound to unlock the door to success. So when you conclude on a target, you have a pre-defined goal in your mind, along with a full-fledged plan which you want to follow to achieve that target. You be in line with the strategy and in the end, evaluate the aftermath. The major advantage of setting any kind of targets is that you can track your progress after a particular time duration and in accordance with your performance over that time, you can plan further ahead.

In that event, formulating any kind of targets, striving towards achieving that target, and getting a positive outcome gives a mindful encouragement and an idea on your growth.

We have some solid testaments on working together as a team and achieving targets. You can have a look at them here.

Total Solutions: The Influence They Hold

Stand-alone systems, or companies have to be ready to withstand strong competition in industry. Total solutions or companies which have a strong backup from other organizations tend to be on the top of the ladder.


Let's talk about a real-life scenario. When a lead comes to your doorstep looking for solutions for his property, then instead of simply offering a PMS, or even a booking engine or a channel manager; why not pitch in a package of total solutions which are connected with each other? Or in case he is already using a PMS, offer him those software which will turn his stand-alone software into an integrated and total solution.

The primary benefit of employing total solutions is that none of your clients will have to reach out to a different vendor to meet his requirements. This will lead to exceptional client experience and satisfaction with your organization, thereby giving them all that they need for efficient management of their property in a single place.

eZee renders a complete package of hospitality solutions to hoteliers and restaurateurs worldwide. Have a look at our offerings here.

What Should You Know About Onboarding

The first step your client takes with you, is his onboarding process with your products and services. And that's what makes a lasting impression on him. You give him an awesome experience and a perfect head-start to your solutions.


Client Onboarding commences once the client enrolls with us and is ready to use our products and services. To carry out a successful and foolproof onboarding plan, you must know the steps included in the onboarding and the factors affecting it. The major elements forming an onboarding process are:

  • Data Gathering: Collection of the client's relevant information to configure it in the software wherever required.
  • Implementation: Configuring the software with the data provided as per the requirements of the client.
  • Training: Teaching and guiding the client on the use and functioning of the software.
  • Start Using The Solutions: Employing the software and it's use in his day to day operations.

There are heaps of other aspects of a strong client onboarding plan. Just get in touch with our team to get a thorough overview on the onboarding process. You can contact us through Skype on ezee4partners or even drop in an email.

Our Partners Reach Surat HQ

Random meets and rendezvous are one of the steps to strong bonds and partnerships. And when these happen, you do everything to make those times memorable and work on bettering the partnership in all aspects.


In these lines, two of our partners visited us in the last month, with an aim to enhance the association between two firms and re-instate the trust factor. Ahmed Ashraf from Acuity Business Solutions, Maldives and Sandip Lodha from M2 Infosys, India arrived at our Surat HQ and learned about the departmental operations and work culture at eZee. Ahmed visited with a purpose of eZee's business expansion in Maldives, whereas Sandip dropped in to receive a hands-on training on eZee products and also to get a step on the process.

The main agenda behind the visit was to take a step towards life-long and durable partnerships between both the organizations and to work together as a team for each one's progress and development for a technologically advanced hospitality industry.

We have so much fun at the HQ whenever our partners visit. Have a look at it and know how to reach eZee.


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