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Presenting chatbot and digital assistant for the hotel industry

With technology advancing at a great speed, we are advancing our solutions on the same lines. In our previous newsletters, we mentioned about upcoming revolutionary technology - chatbot and digital assistant. Well, now the wait is over and we have launched a chatbot in our booking engine - eZee Reservation and a digital assistant in eZee Absolute Hotel PMS app.


The chatbot is revolutionizing almost all the areas of business where interaction and communications are required. Moreover, the hospitality industry is one such industry that has to carry out a lot of communications. Generally, the hotels receive several types of queries through their website. On that account, we have introduced a chatbot on the hotel's website that will automate all those human conversations easily.

Let's see how chatbot on the hotel website will benefit hotels?

  • With the chatbot in booking engine, hotels will be able to respond to all their guest's queries 24*7*365.
  • The chatbot will also inform their guests in detail about your hotel's room availability, rates, location, services, amenities and so on.
  • Additionally, the chatbot will also highlight their deals and discounts to the guests.
  • With the communications automated, the time and resources spent after manual conversions will reduce.

In all these ways a chatbot will help hotels to increase their direct bookings.

A glimpse of the digital assistant in hotel PMS app

The chatbot in eZee Absolute hotel PMS mobile app is more like a virtual or digital assistant than chatbot.

The digital assistant in eZee Absolute mobile app obeys the commands given by the users. It will assist your clients to perform their daily operations such as check-in and check-out, getting insights and details such as arrivals and departure lists, housekeeping and likewise right from their app. Have a look at how chatbot will work for your clients.

Strengthening the hospitality industry with such latest edge technology has been the ultimate aim of eZee. Enroll to our partnership program today and get such useful insights to expand your business.

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Roadmap to acquire more clients

'How to get more clients?' is the ultimate question of any business owner. Companies do a lot of things to get more business and clients. Right from marketing and promotions, support, delivering the best solutions and the list continues. However, usually, they miss out some really basic things, which if paid proper attention to, will be a huge game changer to grow your business.


We've listed a few ways through which you can attract new customers.

1. Understand the buyer's persona
The buyer's persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

To get more clients, you should create a buyer's persona and study it carefully. As it is very important to know and understand the traits of the customers to whom you're selling your products. Naturally, to sell your products you have to connect with them. Hence buyer's persona helps you connect to them in a relevant and contextual manner that interests your potential guests.

Further, it also helps you develop your marketing content, target advertising and thus elevate your marketing.

2. Sell solutions, not products
WHAT you sell is important, but HOW you sell is more important. This is where many business owners or salespersons make mistakes. While approaching a client, they always lay emphasis only on the product and their features. (...and this is to be changed right away!) Reason being, your lead is already being bombarded by many other products and features. Now, out of several other products and features, how or why they will choose you? So, you should definitely consider changing your approach in order to stand out from your competition. And to be frank, changing an approach is not rocket science.

As the title suggests, it is as simple as SELL Solutions, NOT products. Find out how your products are solving the problems of your audience, or what needs and requirements are your products and services fulfilling. Basically, present your products, and its features as the solutions to the challenges your leads might be facing.

In this way, you can connect with them closely and also the way you offer solutions will tend them to choose you over your competitors.

3. Nurture your clients
Last but not the least, there are some points to consider once your lead is converted into your client. Maintain the trust you have won while closing the lead by keeping in touch with them, by assisting with them at every point. Offering them after sales support is not the only thing. Try your hand on nurturing your clients with some educational emails or producing some blog content that can be useful to them.

These are just a few of the many tactics that you can use to grow your business. You can contact us and get more such interesting and useful tips and tricks.

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Cold calling: Begin afresh

Cold calling. These days cold calling has been forgotten with the latest (and effective) means of approaching the new leads such as email and social media. Of course, these platforms have their own abilities to bring the clients. However we might neglect the importance of cold calling, but it has a distinguished potential of bringing leads to you.

audit report

The two major reasons for which the cold calling is avoided is

  • The salesperson does not like doing that.
  • It is PRESUMED that the prospects do not like receiving them.

Now, with a well-written email campaign, you might get a good response. But since your prospect's inbox is already filled with numerous different promotional emails, there are chances that your email gets ignored amid the bunch.

Now talking about social media, then you might get some reach and connections there. Well, Social media has more potential to increase your online presence but when it comes to leads and prospects, it may not give guaranteed results.

Now, why cold calling should be restarted?

Cold calling serves the two major purposes that the above-mentioned ways generally lack. And those two purposes are:

  • Opportunity
    With a cold call, you get an opportunity to open up the conversation right away with proper questions or interactive conversation. Besides, you can reach the right person or decision maker.
  • Instant Judgement
    A call is a two-way dialogue. So while interacting with the prospect either you tend to close the lead or you don't. If the prospect is not interested you can know that straight away. Thus you can invest your efforts in required things.

In a nutshell, cold calling compliments other lead generation strategies. If done rightly, cold calling still has its prominence and it is too early to evict cold calling as one of the methods of lead generation.

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