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Few effective ways to gain more customers

So here is a simple question, what do you need to do, to get more customers? The intuitive response that most would give to this topic, is a good product, good marketing, good customer support and so forth. But what if we could actually put ourselves in customer's shoe and understand what they need?


Yes! This is what you actually need to do. Relying on too few customers can leave you vulnerable - losing them could mean a cash flow crisis. By consistently making an effort to bring in new customers to your business, you'll grow your business in a sustainable way.

Here are few effective ways to win customers and gain profit:

  • Understand your customers' needs: Having a comprehensive understanding of your customer's need is the key to achieving core business goals.
  • Make personalization a priority: Try to deliver personalized experiences to customers and clearly make it a top priority. Personalization drives results.
  • Know your customer's category: Analyze what your customer is looking for. Know what are his needs and try to offer solutions accordingly. Knowing your customers better than they do is what you need to do.
  • Give a little, to get a lot: Give enough information to help the client scope out their problem and know that you have the ability to handle it.
  • Always deliver above and beyond what you promise: It's simple really. Do what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it. If you fail to deliver on your promises, your customers won't be able to trust you.

There's whole lot more than this. Customers expect the technology they invest in is to solve their problems, and they look up to you as partners for trusted advice. Try to implement this and witness your business growth. Contact your account manager to know more effective ways.

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Make your sales simple using a booking engine buyer's guide

Often when you are dealing with your leads, you've got to be fully equipped with product knowledge and its benefits. While pitching at a certain juncture, it happens that you may miss out on some important feature and you miss the deal. To ensure your sales process is streamlined, we've brought in a buyer's guide for the booking engine.


What does the buyer's guide include?

It has some critical attributes enlisted, which need to be considered by any hotelier:

  • Visitor experience
  • Security and stability
  • Reports and business insights
  • Flexible pricing
  • Marketing and guest engagement

How to benefit from the buyer's guide?

Keeping the buyer's guide accessible will help you to show the appealing features and compare eZee Reservation with other solutions. Your leads will get an exact idea on what to expect from a booking engine, which vendor will offer which features, and what are the benefits of each inclusion.

So, when your leads finally decide to invest in eZee Reservation, they know that they're going with the best one. You can download your free copy of the buyer guide from here.

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How can technology build your client's hotel business

The ultimate goal of each business is to help their clients progress with time using their products and services. And it's no different for you. So, when you help your client plan his business development strategies, you need to come up with ideas that will keep their business outstanding from the competition.


And this can be done utilizing various tried and tested ways by adding new formulas to it. One of them is technology. Here's how eZee's technology can help you build your client's business.

  • Minimal time and efforts in operations: A full-fledged property management system will save his time on routine hotel operations like check-in, check out, housekeeping and even laundry management.
  • Business insights at their doorstep: On using eZee's technology, your client will avail accurate business insights on his performance, revenue earned, bookings received and more.
  • They can get commission free bookings: With a responsive booking engine like ours, hotels are 24x7 available to take unlimited commission free bookings on their website.
  • Better exposure, higher bookings: Having a channel manager to handle real-time inventory and rates on endless connected channels will get them more bookings online and reduce overbookings.
  • Competitor rate monitoring: Pricing competitively plays an important part in a hotel business. With competitor rate monitoring and analysis, hotels will be able to devise effective pricing strategies.

With these and many other steps, you can utilize eZee's comprehensive solutions in guiding your clients through the best technology and services, which will eventually earn you more revenue.

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Strategies to revive your client's dying hotel business

Sad as it may sound, the health of a business is not guaranteed forever. Virtually all business owners will face the daunting task of recovering a dying business. Every business during the course of its existence will experience a near death experience, which can be caused by many factors.


When your clients are looking for some tips to save their hotel business from sinking, it's the right time for you to help them with these strategies.

  • Re-evaluate: Situation- The first place to start saving hotel business from failing is to look within. Hoteliers need to know what the situation is and what the problem is.
  • Re-define: Strategy- After re-evaluation comes re-definition. Re-evaluation reveals what's wrong with the business and re-definition is putting the business back on track.
  • Re-employ: People(If needed)- People either make or break your business. To resurrect a dying business, get the right people on board and get the wrong people off!
  • Re-innovate: Technology- Lack of innovation is one of the signs of dying business. If businesses refuse to change or innovate with technology, business will be doomed.
  • Re-work: Execution- After all is said and done, there is no way to bring dying business back to life by mere words; execution is necessary. And not just the same way as always, re-work the way of execution.

Give these tips to your clients and help them revive their hotel business from dying. It is always said: 'Precaution is better than cure', don't just wait until the business fails. Be our proud partner and get more tips from our business experts


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