eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter December 2018
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Binging on being light holders: Events in and across countries

Think as much as dynamic you can, acquire the best possible solutions that our fellow hotelies could ever have or even provide them with your best services- But if they are not aware of the greatness of what you have, all your efforts to advancement goes in vain. To avoid such a situation, we ought to change the environment. To that, awareness events and participating in trade shows are the smartest way.


We have presented such events and participating in expos as such and we've been receiving an overwhelming response wherever we go. Just recently, we have had power-packed events in Bhutan and Madhya Pradesh, India.

In Bhutan, we organised two on-ground events with aBit Pvt. Ltd.- our partner company in the region. Similarly, we also had on-ground events in Madhya Pradesh with Buzzotel, a revenue management company. We are overjoyed to say that we have received a heart warming response from the hoteliers in both regions. With the help of such events, our ideas and solutions are not only exposed to the industry but are pleasantly celebrated among them.

Over the years, we've reached the hospitality industry of many regions and are eager to continue it with such awareness seminars and trade shows worldwide. Mind being part of them? Tell us how can we come together and be light holders of industry in your region. Besides, partnership with eZee has always been worthy.

Strategies for being the spin masters in 2019

Year 2018 is coming to an end and needless to say, it has been a terrific year! There were many amazing ideas we have come across and implemented. Are you ready to do the same in 2019? If yes, then we have got our strategies ready. Since all of them can not be taken altogether, we've decided to bring them to you in two parts. This month we'll head on to the first part and the second part shall be given to you in the next month.


  • Immersive user- experience: Being a hospitality technology provider company, imparting an engaging experience with solutions is too important to ignore. Moreover, hoteliers and restaurateurs need so much more than smart software. They want quality, assurance and a strong support- and we need their undying faith. Hence, we must offer them an immersive experience with our solutions in order to win their hearts.
  • More interaction: Looking at the nature of our business, we can say that our audience need to have a constant interaction with us even after they become a part of our clientele. There are many things that bother them and hence they can hardly plunge into the goodness of what we have for them. In 2019, we plan to continue insisting them to employ all the aspects of our solutions. Apart from that, we also plan to continue conducting interactive seminars and trade shows just to aware them about the importance of technology.
  • Autonomous thinking: So what do you think the tech provider companies are best at? Making things automatic. Coming year let us do more of it. Let us indulge the industry in smart AI initiatives with chatbots, get them customised reports, and much more.

These are some ideas from ideas from our end, more are coming on your way. Meanwhile, we're very keen to know yours. So let's gear up and get ready for the crazy 2019. Want to hitch the ride? we'd be more than happy to have your back. Don't worry, we'll make sure you have fun.

Rolling out the red carpet for hotel groups

It is quite tough to maintain the hotel chain as it includes many things. But making it easier is what we do the best. Recently, we have rolled-out many revolutionary features just to cater to your hotel group clients. A few of them are listed below.

audit report

Data consolidation:
The fundamental idea of the feature is to provide all the data in one place at the snap of fingers. Elaborately, with this feature-

  • They will have streamlined data management
  • They will be able to perform combined data analysis
  • They will get detailed insights into their business through custom visualization
  • The best, they will be able to handle everything from a single dashboard

Chainwide booking engine:
With the help of this update, your clients will able to receive bookings for any of their location from anywhere. This feature gives them a proper access to their entire reservation operations quite easily.

There are many things that can be managed from this update like:

  • Flexible maintenance of packages and promotions
  • Easy upselling of their extra service
  • A better supervising to the entire business and much more...

Centralised guest profile:
Along with above mentioned interesting updates, our CRS system would also offer the hoteliers the liberty to centralise their guest profile. With the help of this feature, they will be able to serve their guests better by generating a single profile of all the guests staying at any location of their hotel chain.

Centralised travel agent profile:
With the help of this feature, your hotel chain clients will be able to effortlessly handle all their chain-wide travel agents and keep track of the bookings they get for them from a single place.

There are many more features that are exclusively developed for hotel chains. To know about them, you can even contact your account manager. With fine solutions and best services, let's keep heading ahead in serving the hospitality industry.


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