eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter December 2017
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eZee Optimus is now out of its beta version

After following a dedicated software development lifecycle, the much awaited eZee Optimus is finally live. By testing the waters through its beta version and adding few required features resultantly, the POS system is all packed up for the restaurateurs to simplify their operations.


"It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better."

Regardless of the eatery type and size, the POS system can easily handle complex operations from managing of tables and orders, to processing of bills, to setting up seasonal menus; giving owners a chance to engage with their customers. One of the major benefit your clients will witness with eZee Optimus is, they can access their restaurant transactions from anywhere, at anytime.

Pros of an online POS system over on-premise one:

  • Hardware independence
  • No IT knowledge required
  • Always on the latest version
  • Pay-as-you-go model

Either you can offer your clients a full-fledged 14-day free trial, or you can contact your account manager to know more about the system.

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Google Local Listing: What do you know about it?

How do I find a local hospitality solutions provider? How many such providers are out there? Gone are the days of collecting data in a phone book. It's very obvious that the phone book keeps getting bigger and bigger. But in this era, 90% of online journey starts with the use of a search engine.

What does it mean to be listed locally?

When search is made for local businesses online, your business shows up; meaning you are locally listed and attracting clients. In fact, businesses these days put up phrases like "you can find us on Google".


Google local listing and how can it help you?

Google refers to its local business listing platform as Google My Business (GMB). Once your business is locally listed with Google, it'll have business name, address, phone number and website information available in Google search; making it easy for customers to find you.

Once you claim and verify your GMB listing, valuable information about visitors can be obtained which can help you generate more business. You can add additional information about your business like images, customer reviews to make your business stand out once you claim on GMB.

What role does eZee play?

eZee helps its partners claim their businesses on Google and get their GMB listing for their localities. Getting listed as eZee’s hospitality solution provider in your region once you partner with us, becomes an added advantage.

Google local listing can thus become a tool to market your business. Want to claim your business through eZee? Just contact your account manager to get started.

We offer myriad of such tactics and techniques to help you win more business. Join our flourishing partner network and start benefiting today.

Don't sell the product, sell the magic it can do

It does look as a simple sentence, but it carries great importance. You know it's important to have the right knowledge of what your client wants. Take an example - you don't buy a bottle of water because you like the color; you purchased it as a means to quench your thirst. The drink here is the solution to being thirsty.

Solutions, however, combine products and services. They're designed to help one at every step ensuring that each of his unique requirements are met. So, you need to focus on the key reasons on why your client will be better off with what you're providing.


Don't act like "Let me convince you to do something, so i'll get what I want". Instead try "Let me help you to get ahead of the problems you have."

When you're selling a product, you're iterating the information that is important only to you- the only person in the deal with a deep understanding of the product. Clients particularly care less about a particular feature of your product; unless it's directly related to a problem they're facing.

Try to imagine yourself in your client's shoes, and speak his language. It's the best way to make him listen to you. Here's what you should keep in mind, before you start selling:

  • Understand the client's pain points
  • Prepare and qualify
  • Offer new ideas with fresh perspective
  • Build trust and genuinely care for them
  • Remove the perception of risk
  • Sell with true value
  • Highlight your differences

In this solution-selling methodology, you should try to understand your client's unspoken issues, and set a goal to find new ways to help him escape from the everyday hassles he's facing.

We have countless other tips to share with you. Skype us on ezee4partners or drop an email to our experts and they'll tell you what more you need to know.

Online Reputation Management: Are you open to it?

Online reputation management company (ORM) has become buzz word in the hospitality industry. A positive reputation helps growth of hotel and also exemplifies hotelier's confidence. Though a recent advancement in the hospitality sector, it has gained popularity at a very rampant pace. Often, it has been questioned that, are professional ORM companies required? What more will an ORM do for me?

According to TripAdvisor:

  • 93% of the people use online reviews when determining which hotels they want to stay.
  • 53% of people said that they would not book a hotel that did not have any hotel reviews.

Which means, for a hotelier it becomes imperative to maintain its online reputation!

If online reputation were as simple as replying to a review or comment, anybody would be able to do it without much effort. Truth be told, it requires a lot more than that.


Most of the reputation management companies strategize based on the hotel, its location, competition and various other factors. They try to maintain hotel listings on Google, closely monitor competition and formulate a proper social media marketing strategy. Reputation management companies and revenue management companies will have to work in tandem to maintain reputation and generate higher profits.

Thus, understanding the need of a hotel for online reputation management, offering these services along with hospitality technology can help you win more business. The more you offer, the more your clientele expands.

We've witnessed the increasing demand from clients for reputation management services, which has lead to widen our scopes of partnerships. A partnership of hotel technology provider and hotel reputation management company can lead to high client retention and happier clients.

Are you a reputation management company? Partner with us today and start winning more business with several benefits. We're open to partner with various other types of companies. You can know more about our partner program and its advantages.


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