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What Makes eZee Different From Others

Time and again, when you put forth your innovations or ideas for your users, they tend to compare you with the ones which are already present in the market. And that's becomes the most important aspect of your win. That, you excel in your genre.


Similarly, when you pitch in eZee products to your prospective clients; you need to know that how eZee stands out from it's competitors and what makes our solutions and services different from them. That is, what are the Unique Selling Points of eZee.

You can find some of them below:

  • Seamlessly integrated solutions for hospitality industry
  • Pre and post-sales software support assistance
  • Unlimited and free-of-cost training
  • Timely updates of all softwares
  • World-wide partner distribution network
  • Yearly AMC renewal options
  • Suitable for all property types
  • 3A ratings by Crisil
  • Module offerings as per user requirement
  • Multilingual user preference for operations

All in all, right from pre-sales services to sales demonstration to implementation, training and onboarding to post-sales support assistance, eZee offers a full-fledged package under one roof.

Check out all these and more perks of why people choose eZee.

When We're There For Our Partners

True partnership comes by facing the challenges together, helping each other in the times of need and eventually progressing together, surpassing all the previously built barriers in the market.


And it was truly a challenge for us, as well as our partner in Maldives, Acuity Business Solutions, to set up a streamlined process of sales, on-boarding and support services for their clients there. Considering their dire need of a resource assistance, one of our team members embarked upon a 90-day tour to Maldives, with a primary agenda to assemble the functioning of all departments from a single place and began with a process of proper reporting and tracking the work done.

The assistance provided by our team member fostered the confidence as well as will of our partner and his team. Additionally, his guidance on eZee products, door-to-door sales and systemization on daily routine improvised the team's skills of handling sales, support and on-boarding all at one shot.

We're there anytime and anywhere to help our partners. Check out some other amazing benefits of our solid partner programs.

Walking In Sync With Our Partners

Whenever you get associated with another business owner, or a company; you ought to ensure that their challenges, troubles and queries are solved on a timely basis, and you walk with them in each phase to guide them with any help they might need. And this is what forms the foundation of a true and long-lasting partnership.


And to ensure a fruitful association with our partners, here are some of the trails which we embrace:

  • Focus On Partner's Needs: We safeguard the fact that our partner's needs of selling and marketing our products in their region, their queries regarding our product functioning as well as in terms of payments are met with equal fervor.
  • Adapt A Shared Vision: We make sure that we and our partners follow a similar approach in offering the best for our users and giving them an ultimate user experience, thereby helping each other in progressing together with the industry.
  • Ensure Good Communication: Good communication shapes as one of the most important aspects of an enduring partnership. We make it certain to be a part of each communication our team initiates with the partners, thusly being up-to-date with any happenings.
  • Accurate Lead Forwarding: With any lead that comes up to us from our partner's region, we ensure that the lead is forwarded to the partner, within the right time frame so that each lead and client gets the best software and services for their property.
  • Understand Partner's Mission & Culture: We find it important to acknowledge the mission by which the partner company runs and the culture which they follow in their work environment. Like this, we find ways to contribute in the culture and perform mutual endeavors in the trajectory of success.

And last, but not the least; we make sure to Strive For Excellence by working together with our partners in all aspects of business and focus on solving their challenges as our topmost priority over any other tasks.

Explore these and lots of more benefits of our rewarding partner program.

eZee's Presence In Expedia Partner Forum

Events and meets are a way to gel in with your competitors as well as form a network around with the people you work with, and the experts in your industry. These events mark as an exemplary milestone in a company's lifetime from which they learn and employ the same in their business.


Taking this fact into account, we with our partners in Sri Lanka, Boost Hospitality Private Limited attended the Expedia Partner Forum held on 23rd November, 2016 in Colombo for hoteliers and hospitality solutions providers in the area. The event commenced with Expedia sharing information about their marketing plans in the area and disclosed about their current focus on mobile experience.

Hoteliers were presented with awards in different categories judged by Expedia's panel, and the attendees discussed about the future and scope of tourism in Sri Lanka. The event turned out to be a success and a motivator for hoteliers as well as hospitality solution providers in Sri Lanka in terms of performance improvement and taking on challenges as they come.

eZee is always open to participation in such events and meets. Or you can also make plans to visit us at our HQ. Check out what happens when we partners meet.

Some More Resources From Our Side

Resources, or marketing collateral portray about the business, it's product and services. They help a business in growing and give a hike to their brand in the industry. And not only utilization of these resources, but making the most of these is a must to analyze the effect of these resources on your clients.

Keeping-Up to date

Therefore, we at eZee, always believe in keeping our resources and collaterals up-to-date and in line with the constant updates our products and services have. In the same line, Product PPTs hold their own charm. Powerpoint Presentations are easy to use, portable, and hold the viewer with it's attractive visuals and animations. Further, the impact of a PPT lasts longer, withholding a stronger explanation on the viewer.

eZee FrontDesk PPT


eZee BurrP! PPT

eZee Absolute PPT


eZee Centrix PPT

We have much more to offer you to help you make a sale and conclusively increase your revenue.

Check out what more products and services do we have to offer for our partners here.

Have you become our partner yet? If not, then make the most of our partner program now.


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