eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter August 2018
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Be an 'Everything Store' with us

Just as a matter of fact (according to a random survey), most of the hoteliers understate the importance of their website design. Either they don't have a full-fledged website and are just satisfied with a booking engine or they're least bothered to have such website.

Now, the millennial travelers these days don't want to book a hotel having a poor or no website, because these kinds of hotels fail to instigate that sense of credibility in their bookers.


But, the situation is gradually improving. Nowadays there is a wave of awakening among the hoteliers about the need of an attractive hotel website design. As you know, in our zenith dominion of prime products, hotel website design service holds a vital position. With this service, you too can be an everything store with us. Walking that extra mile will keep your clients adhered to you.

"You can't climb the ladder of success with hands in your pocket, you have to stretch your hand."
This is how our hotel website design service will aid your clients:

  • Hotels get attractive and highly responsive website
  • We have the topmost SEO technique, to increase hotel's credibility on the web
  • Hotels don't require any technical skills to manage their website
  • Hotels can get enrolled with Google Business Listings
  • Prominent call-to-actions which tend the visitors of the website to book

Well, this is not the end. Pairing this up with our online booking engine will earn hotels gradual growth in direct bookings. All in all, eZee's top-notch solutions and services will not only benefit the whole hospitality industry in your region, but your business as well.

Explore more about such marvelous benefits and get a chance to provide such comprehensive solutions to your patrons. Partner with the industry trailblazers and gain grounds against your competitors.

The hotel industry witnessed eZee's ambitious product launch in Bahrain

In the era of cut throat competition, technology has become a must have entity for hotels. On that account, eZee is known for providing solutions that are apt enough to beat the rigid irregularities occurring at hotels on a daily basis. Working with a great determination for more than a decade, eZee has made themselves a great dom now and at this juncture having a product launch in Bahrain adds to the glitter of the stardust.


eZee has made this grand event possible in association with Al Kays, an eZee partner and a reputed provider of technology and solutions in the region of UAE. Held at Downtown Rotana, Bahrain on 25th July, the event welcomed more than 100 hospitality industry professionals to witness the progressive step of both the companies.

Surely the number of hotels and accomodation business is rising and expanding the diameter of the hotel industry, but most of them are still not aware of the importance of technology in their business. However, it is not a hidden fact that technology, which was once was a luxury, has now become a necessity. Hence, in this product launch, with an aim of spreading an awareness about the same, eZee kept forth a presentation that discussed the impact of technology in hotel industry and how it has been revolutionising the business over the time.

eZee has undertook similar technology awareness campaigns in other Indian states including Goa, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan, and countries like Nepal; with more such events planned worldwide.

Do you think such an event will work wonders in your region? Then let us get together in being that lamp of light for fellow hoteliers in your region and help them in bringing luxury to their doorstep.

Migrating to a master CRM software

Naturally, you're working round the clock for just one one aim, that is, expanding your business. And you might be investing a lot of your valuable resources in generating leads. Now, once you start acquiring a good amount of leads, the first step you've to take is to perform a proper lead profiling. Accordingly, you need to pay attention on each type of leads, take follow ups, record their preferences, keep a track of all the communication and such likes.


Carrying out all these activities aptly requires dedicated efforts, training and years of practice. That's where a Customer Relationship Management software, a.k.a a CRM comes in. Now, one of the exciting benefits of being eZee's partner is the access to a lead management system, which helps you streamline your sales cycles and marketing activities.

We've recently migrated our customer relationship and lead management software to Hubspot, a leader in the industry. Here are a few points about how this excellent tool which has eased our ways, and can improve yours too.

  • Lead management and segmentation gets easier than ever before
  • Organized lead distribution
  • Make and schedule calls from the software
  • Follow up with all the leads from one place
  • Email marketing gets automated
  • Contact details of all customers and prospects from one place
  • Logs your sales activities
  • Measure productivity across any given period of time

These are just a few of several benefits; there is a lot more. This lead automation software will save you a lot of time, efforts and resources.

Interested in joining us on Hubspot? Contact your account manager to get started. We always have gone to great lengths in order to empower our partners. This migration is an outcome of such efforts. Be our partner to avail such cutting-edge perks and more.


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