eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter September 2017
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Why systematic client onboarding matters

You close the sale, enroll a new client, complete contacting and everything. Then? How would you ensure that: The client understands your product? And you both have all the needed information about each other?

Answer is: By implementing an effective Onboarding Process.
And why a process? To deliver consistent client experience.


'The beginning is the most important part of the work: Plato'

Onboarding new clients is a complicated but necessary process today. This is how you initiate and customize it for each client.

  • Welcome the client and assess his needs.
  • Precise collection of information for faster onboarding.
  • Training and educating client with your software.
  • Equip him with tools, resources, FAQs.
  • All set when client starts using your system.
  • After 30 days: Give him a check-up call and ask how he is doing. Showing that you care would get you more positive feedback.

And the benefits of a right Onboarding Process?

  • Provide a personalized service to clients with different requirements.
  • Accelerated time to revenue for client.
  • The quicker your product begins creating value for user, the higher ROI it brings you.
  • Client's productivity and experience are improved.
  • Smooth beginning of client's journey.
  • Your interactions with client is enhanced.

There is more on how you can build flourishing relationships with clients. Skype or email the customer experience managers at eZee and they'll guide you with what you need.

Making the most of digital assets and resources

Undoubtedly, getting armed with right resources and tools gives you more sale. You already spend much time in sharing information with lead, answering to his queries and explaining features. On a different note, you can send digital documents for them to refer to and decide.


'Give us the tools and we'll finish the work- Winston Churchill.'

Often in B2B selling, a well equipped sales and marketing kit is an important ingredient in sales enablement. A kit that contains product literature in form of PDFs, eBrochures, PPTs, Video Tutorials, Data sheets and any kind of document or digital assets.

This is how your business can benefit from using digital resources,

  • Quickly educate your clients and leads: With digital resources, you can create.
  • Cost savings: Digital distribution can save you big time on printing and postal cost.
  • One click availability: Your content can reach unlimited audience in online accessible format.
  • Instant sharing: When a lead or client asks for more details, you can simply email the document instead of posting it or explaining products verbally.
  • Always latest, quickly updated: eBrochures, PDFs and all those online documents can be updated quickly as compared to those printed ones. When you download the resource you require, you get latest version.
  • Expert Validation: Sometimes, a buyer might not trust what you say, but he'd believe it when it is written in a brochure with a logo and company website they can further browse to.

Get equipped with resources for everything you need to sell eZee products to your buyers and become a smart seller. We have accumulated everything on our partner portal. Download everything now. Or get in touch with your account manager for access credentials.

eZee products and innovation: What you should know?

Using technology in service environment requires intelligence that keeps updating with emerging business models. Hospitality is a dynamic sector. The business and technology both change day by day. We at eZee too believe in staying up-to-date with evolving technology frameworks. That sets eZee apart from others.


'A software developer's job is never done. They must continue to innovate every day.'

As an eZee partner, how does it help you in getting more sales? Well, next time when a prospect asks you why he should buy from you, tell him that:

  • While IT solutions are outmoded so quickly, eZee regularly updates their solutions.
  • Enhancements and new features are continuously added in eZee's PMS, booking engine, channel manager and other products.
  • Built on SaaS platform, eZee software are built while keeping in mind characteristics of hotel and restaurant operations.
  • More than 60 developers research and develop best utilities and features for users.
  • Our engineers give guaranteed headway in performance, functionality, security, and stability of eZee solutions.
  • Users' data remains secured against modern day cyber threats.

For hotels and restaurants, we simplified workflow management, CRM, payroll, direct bookings and a lot more by introducing bigger and better versions of our products periodically.

From mobile expanding SaaS based solutions, introducing mobile apps, to kiosks, to key cards, to extranets and much more that stimulates users to catch up with the technology every day while operating their hotel business.

That, in a nutshell, is why partnering with eZee gives you maximum return in hospitality. How about a kick off call or mail with your account manager at eZee and know more on acing the sales?

Secret of setting up an optimum pricing

Talking about defining pricing for eZee solutions in other regions, eZee partners have total liberty to decide strategy. However, did you ever pay attention to how you can derive optimum pricing for your products that would ensure you increased profit while drastically improving sales?

So, the goal here is to derive an optimum range of product pricing that magnifies the brand elements such as brand's authority and loyalty in users.


'There are two types of companies- those that work to raise prices and the ones that work to lower them- Jeff Bezos'

Here is how to start:

  • Pricing markup: Adding to eZee's standard base prices, you might include markups that cover various locally incurred costs for you such as fuel and travel costs, rental, telephone and various marketing costs too.
  • Ideal pricing depends on your market reach, if you are offering premium pricing- higher than competitors; if you are penetrating the market and trying to attract buyers by offering lower pricing. Or whether you are targeting a wide range of economy users.
  • Monitor your competitor's pricing: Keep an eye on the pricing at which your competitor is selling the same product. Offer your product at a different price to avail higher benefit.
  • Price anchoring: You might have noticed that products with nominal but long time subscription attracted more buyers as compared to hefty one time cost. Typical on-premise vs. Cloud PMS case, isn't it? While you made profit on both sales. This is called anchoring, when a standard product placed next to a premium product creates sense of value and the standard products get more buyers.
  • Bundle pricing is when you offer a set of products on a lower price than total of individual prices of all products in the set. This is ideal when you are selling multiple solutions, such as PMS, booking engine, channel manager POS and more.

eZee does all efforts for partners to generate higher profit margin by giving them total control on deciding regional pricing. Visit partners FAQs or shoot an email to us for more details.


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