eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter August 2017
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eZee CEO exclusive: why should you partner with us?

There is a lot to be talked about when it comes to business partnership like ours. We belong to different domains and work together to achieve a common interest of growing in hospitality industry. Today, eZee's CEO Aeijaz takes time and spreads out his ideas on what we, at eZee can offer you as a technology partner. Here it goes.


'It takes two to tango: You and eZee together can achieve more business.'

  • Recurring revenue streams: While reselling our technology, you hold an advantage to earn recurring revenue for long time from same clientele. Currently, your services might render just one time revenue.
  • Extensive portfolio: You already know about importance of product diversification. You are already working with hotel clients. Therefore, you can easily become their preferred technology provider too with our products added to your portfolio.
  • High profit margin and ROI: The partnership program has an excellent blend of partnership discounts, commissions and pricing markups. All this for no additional development efforts. Surely this is a boost for ROI of your business.
  • All-inclusive technology: You get to supply globally recognized hospitality solutions ranging from hotel PMS and booking engine to channel manager and restaurant POS.
  • Boosted exposure of your brand: You get the advantage of using our already established brand name in industry. Thus, we give you a business leverage.

In a nutshell, Your Expertise + Our Technology = United Success

So come aboard, it is delighting for us to work with partners like you. Connect with us on Skype or drop in a mail to seal a deal of picture perfect partnership.

~ By Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO at eZee

Essentiality of regular software updates

When it comes to use any technology, it is rigorously challenging to keeping the software up to date, expand their operational capabilities and improving functionalities. All in all, key to walk in pace with evolving technology and software maintenance is 'timely product update'. This is how one can deliver enriched user experience.


'If we can make ourselves better, why not software? They too need upgrade from time to time.'

We at eZee roll out regular updates of all software. Under these updates we cover feature development, various additions in module, security measures, and even remodeling a software to hardware interface.

Updates of eZee FrontDesk and eZee BurrP! (collectively known as eZee NextGen) follow a cycle of monthly product updates. Whereas our cloud based solutions are updated triannually.

And it can be a an advantage when you present eZee solutions to hoteliers in your region. You can use it in your pitch that they would always be using latest technology. And it is an assured promise that eZee software will continue to develop to suit their growing operational demands. Know more about eZee products and updates from tech gurus.

Getting trained is the secret to smart selling

Testing the waters. You are aware about getting armed and equipped before you go out and present the software to a prospect hotelier. He would ask you questions about what the software can do and you will need to answer to all his queries and convince him that the software has everything that he needs. Therefore, to win over the prospects, you are required to do proper homework.


'The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.'

This starts with getting trained with the solutions that you are reselling. Gaining sufficient knowledge of the technology would help you.

  • Master effective selling
  • Acquire more business in your region
  • Understand a prospect's queries and answer them efficiently.
  • Achieve faster closures
  • Provide level 1 support to your clients
  • Deliver stunning product presentation
  • Target right audience for your products

Technical knowledge is as vital as soft skills. As an eZee partner, we recommend that you go thoroughly attend all training sessions and acquire adequate product knowledge. We provide complete software training to you and your staff. Hence, you can quickly book a training or begin a chat for more details and ideas. So why wait, subscribeto the training program now.

Winning strategies of online lead generation

When it comes to B2B lead generation, you know it's tricky. And rise in digital channels, the buying process too has changed. However, there are practices that help you reach to right person via right channel who would be looking for the products and services you offer. And when you have got digital channels, you make the most of it with little efforts. To start with, check out these practices that lead you down the sales funnel:


'Prospects are waiting to be found. Make a little effort and you'll have the right user for your services.'

  • It all starts with a perfect website: Create an attention capturing website to list all your services and products, where you can bring the visitors and convert them to leads.
  • Email marketing: People maintain at least 1 email account and check emails too. Isn't it a nice idea to land up right into their inbox and show what you are offering through the email? This is one the most effective techniques.
  • Google AdWords: With paid advertisements and pay per click campaigns, this is most workable platform to get qualified leads, plus a great marketing channel.
  • Digital marketing: This includes SEO, content marketing, social selling, conversion optimization and more. We can explain you the details.

Owing to the 11+ years of experience, we have got a knack for lead generation and we know what works very well. This partnership program includes sales and marketing assistance to all partners. And as discussed in previous edition, we forward prospects to you as well as help you generate leads. If you have any idea that we can discuss, we are all ears!.

Revisit sales: Did you know about these facts?

You are already so good sales and what you do, if we show you these stats, you'll be amazed that you didn't notice them so far. Read on and tell us how do you like them:

sales stats

'Psychology matters. Because that affects your buyers while you try and sell something to them.'

While you take insights from these facts, it is important to remember that 'your data is the best data'. Collect the response that you have received over the time, and observe the behavior of your prospects and find out what is the best practice for you to follow. We have some of them listed, mind having a look at them? .


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