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Are you ready for GDPR?

Occasionally the hospitality industry has to adhere to the norms which are proposed by various countries. This time it's European Union's General Data Protection Regulation a.k.a GDPR. This regulation is applicable to all the businesses dealing with personal data of European citizens and residents.

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But naturally, the hospitality industry, consisting of hotel technology providers as well as the hoteliers who deal with this kind of information need to abide by these reforms. On those lines, eZee's solutions are going to be GDPR compliant, once the matter sets in from 25th May, 2018.

Given that our solutions are already PCI DSS compliant which keeps the hotel's and guests' data secure from any potential theft or misuse, it makes it easier for us to bring our products in line with GDPR rules.

So, what can you tell your clients about being GDPR compliant?
Here are a few tips which you can give to your hotel clients to be GDPR compliant:

  • Inform guests and take their consent to record their personal data.
  • Let the guests be open to exercise their rights.
  • Ensure that the staff understands GDPR and its weightage.
  • Hire a data protection officer.
  • Get the network and storage systems up-to-date.
  • Be aware of what can be termed as valid data.
  • Adopting GDPR compliant technology.

Our software acquires personal data from hoteliers, so there will be a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) in place, so as to assure that we're compliant with the rules of GDPR and the data will not be used other than for what it is acquired for.

Click here to know more about GDPR compliance? We're open to such regional reforms regularly. That's why, on partnering with us, you'll be able to sell fully compatible solutions in your region.

Customer Service: The crux of a successful business

Imagine you're stuck using your new television, and you call the television company to help out. But what if they don't respond to you immediately? And what if you're stuck with a broken TV? Well, customer service in our or any industry works in a similar way. Because no hotelier or a restaurateur wants his guests to wait while he's struggling with the software to work.


To ensure that such scenarios aren't repeated, being proactive and providing timely services is the first step you take. Besides, you need to ensure that your clients are making the most of the product. Because that's how he'll benefit in the right way.

Experiencing the importance of a good customer service, our 24x7 live support is always up and running to resolve clients' queries and make sure that they are not stuck anywhere.

Why is support crucial to your business?

  • Customer satisfaction beats competition: Solving your client issues creates a positive image that you focus on quality. This way you beat the competition by keeping your clients ahead in technology and industry trends.
  • Get intelligent insights: Often, clients do demand alterations in the software which are quite complicated yet are a definite value addition in our products. In this way, the usability increases thereby a wider scope of clientele emerges.
  • Attract referrals: Obviously, when our software is compatible with the operations of versatile establishments, they share and encourage others to use our software - word of mouth recommendations work more than you can imagine!

You can't deny the fact that, customer-service takes more time and efforts than customer-acquisition. So, do everything possible to provide an ultimate experience to your clients through your products and services. Partnering with us will gain you access to the top-notch services and tips to provide the best to your clients.

P.S: We're providing awesome onboarding experience through our DIY videos. Check them out here on YouTube.

Partner Portal: Keep yourself updated and deliver the best

Seldom, for a surefire conviction you need documents, important references, videos and more to show to your prospects or your clients. At the very moment, if the specific source isn't available in your sales kit, you may lose the deal or fail to impress. To help you solve any sales or technical queries instantly, we've got an online resource library.


And, if one query is solved then there may arise more queries from your prospect or client. And, every time it may not be feasible for you to call us and get the source. Using the partner portal will provide you several benefits like:

  • Credible and quick information on a single link.
  • Make your sales presentation quite effective.
  • Access to latest product upgrades.
  • No need to carry bulky sales kit on site.

What does the partner portal contain?

  • Marketing and sales archives
  • Technical documents
  • Blogs for recent trends
  • Exhibition banners
  • Manuals
  • Buyer guides
  • And more...

We aim to boost your confidence with the apt knowledge about all our products and help you in myriad ways with this partner portal.

Contact your account manager and get access to the online resource library now. This partnership doesn't get better than this!

Partner from Oman on a strategic business meet at eZee's base

Face-to-face interaction can never lose its sheen how much ever the technology advances. To build strong bonds and create a win-win situation for both eZee and partners, we welcome them and cherish the partnership.


Managing Director - Sunnil Gandhi, Regional Sales Manager - Purab Gajaria and Business Development Manager - Sham Kumar Peters from Al Kays International LLC, Oman, paid a visit to our headquarters this month.

Getting excellent response from restaurants In Oman, the partners discussed on initiating strategies to foray into the hotel sector. Additionally, they talked about software integration, interfaces, customization and the challenges they faced in Oman hospitality market. The energetic vibe and thoughts of Al Kays prove the company's aggression to develop their business and achieve BIG goals.

To intensify regional response from partners, eZee has been always ahead in supporting the partners in terms of resources, training or any other requirements.

So what's your plan to visit us? Let us know and we'll be prepared to give you a warm welcome. Come and join our flourishing partner network where more than 200 companies are taking their business to the next level.


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