eZee Technosys Partner Newsletter April 2017
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eZee & partners: This is how we create a wholesome alliance

When you partner with eZee, what you expect from us? A win win deal, profiting business, candid dialogue to develop strategies, supply leading edge solutions in your region... in short, a great future together, right? This stands absolutely true when you partner with us.

Onsite Trip

'Coming together is beginning, keeping together progress, working together is success'

We have partners around the world who have been associated with us since almost eternity. We work together, grow together and thrive together in industry.

To share with you, we have got inside stories and accolades. These partners of us are shining golden examples of how we can flourish together. Read and you will know why are you partnering with best in industry.

eZee and HiFin Technosys Ltd. (Mombasa, Kenya) Partners Since 2006

eZee and Qusai Information Systems (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) Partners Since 2008

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Flexible eZee Products shape up to suit your requirements

Last time, we talked about how integrations are important. You might need any add-on feature, customization or enhancement to make the software compatible to your regional requirements. At eZee, we have all the flexibility to develop what you need in our products. Now comes the part, how to approach if you want to request any customization. To help you proceed, here is the defined work flow you may practice,


'Flexibility is the key to stability'

  • Contact your dedicated Account Manager at eZee. (Drop in a mail here to do it!)
  • Submit details of your requirement
  • We'd send it further to concerned Product Managers
  • Then comes a feasibility check (We run a check on scopes of development)
  • After the results, we go ahead and develop what you need.

Simple as that, isn't it? Well, this is what makes us most preferred solution developer. And yes, don't forget to check out these recent developments of custom requirements.

If you want more details on eZee Products, you can always contact our team.

A to Z of eZee FrontDesk and eZee BurrP!

Every now and then you educate your clients about features and functions of eZee solutions. As an eZee partner, you get access to all those exclusive manuals, brochures, flyers, PPTs and other marketing materials for all our products. When there is a new benchmark resource created, you are the first to receive it. And best part is when you have to train your client or your own staff, this documents prove to be a big help.


'We make it simple for those willing to learn. We document everything'

Making it easier for the reader to understand the entire system, these feature benchmarking is considered as prime training tool.

Download the documents and let us know how they help you.

eZee FrontDesk


eZee BurrP!

Along with this, check out these presentations too.

eZee FrontDesk PPT


eZee BurrP! PPT

Global eZee partners taste eZee's hospitality

In this fast paced world where people indulge distance relationships, we still believe in having a face to face meet and a little of walking and talking. Building foundation of trust for long term partnership, we follow our tradition to host eZee partners at eZee HQ. This month we invited our partners from Tanzania and Saudi Arabia.


'It's all about good, old-fashioned hospitality, and a good atmosphere for our guests'

eZee rolled out red carpet for Mr. Tariq Al Hejazi from Qusai Information Systems (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) and Mr. Andrew Muga from NPK Technologies Ltd (Dar es Sallam, Tanzania).

Our 9 years long progressive partnership journey with them dates back to 2008. And just like them, when you visit us; you get to experience product training from experts, eZee's work culture, work flow and strategies and a lot more about eZee's people and technology dynamism.

This is how you can reach us. So, when are you coming to visit us?


For more information Email us at partners@ezeetechnosys.com
or call us on : +91 823 805 9911, +91 90999 41866
Toll Free : (800) 259-9195 (U.S & Canada only)