Best practices for marketing eZee solutions and up-scaling business

We promised you that we will help you with the sales and marketing of eZee solution and ensure that you remain ahead of the game. We are sharing a handful of the best practices to promote eZee solutions followed by our various successful channel partners all over the globe .

Effectively market and sell eZee products like never before!

Before any kind of marketing, you will need a solid database and that requires an extensive market and competitor analysis. Here is how you can do it:-

You can find the nearby hotels and restaurants through various directories like TripAdvisor, Yelp etc. A simple Google search will also give you a great idea.

Find the solutions they are currently using, ie; do an in-depth competitor analysis.

Remember, this information will act as your database for future references. eZee can assist you in creating the relevant database, let us know if you need our assistance in doing so.

We have divided our marketing in two major aspects- Traditional offline methods and other its upcoming younger brother- online marketing.

The well-grounded methods of Offline Marketing

Offline marketing techniques are the tried and tested method of spreading the idea about your product and services. It involves a lot of one-on-one communication, print media distribution, cold calling, etc. Let us throw some light on the practices involved in offline marketing

  1. Cold calls: Cold calls are the cookie cutter approach of starting your brand marketing. Just through a phone call, you generate numerous leads, sometimes even close the deal. Learn some of the most effective approaches of cold calls.
  2. One-on-one Marketing: People tend to remember a one-on-one communication way more than an email. Go face to face with the GM or hotel proprietor and try bringing yourself out this way, you’re not going around selling, you’re going around introducing the brand and sharing information about eZee. You'll be surprised by the wide variety of responses you will get.
  3. Socializing and word of mouth marketing: 91% of the B2B buyers are influenced by word-of-mouth when making their buying decision. With eZee, you have already got a head start as you are promoting already established solutions. All you need to do is encourage various tight-knit social communities to spread the word that you are an official distributor eZee solutions in your area and spread the buzz.

    In case you are already popular among the industry, use your current relations to help you spread the word out or get direct business from them.

  4. Local distribution: Pamphlets, brochures, highlighting your association with eZee products and its advantages at trade shows/events, business exhibitions.
  5. Encourage more referrals: An extension of word of mouth would be through the local references. Hotels and restaurants need hardware like credit card processors, fiscal printers, PDA and KDS machines and more. You can easily befriend them, give them referral benefits to increase your reach and do the same for them as well.

Additionally, you can also request your clients to refer you to other hospitality business

Young and energetic approaches of Online Marketing

In trend, highly successful and cost-effective than other conventional marketing methods, online marketing can offer high product visibility, a wider consumer reach, and better business potential at low operating cost.

Here are the most current online marketing best practices followed by eZee channel partners worldwide that you can fully use to your advantage.

  1. Social Media Marketing to engage with your target audience: Create accounts on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Learn the behavioral aspects of your potential clients and strategize your social media accordingly and regularly. To get the ball rolling, you can ask relatives, friends, and other contacts to generate initial streams of likes.

    How eZee can help?

    We have an established social media marketing rolling, we can do Facebook marketing for you as well. Simply give the page editor rights to eZee’s official account and our digital marketing team will keep posting eZee products related news on your page.

  2. Paid Advertising Online: PPC campaigns or pay per click campaigns are currently holding a stronghold in the arena of online marketing. You can use platforms like Google Pay Per Click, Google AdWords, Facebook advertising and more to market eZee products.

    How eZee can help?

    eZee runs PPC campaigns on various platforms like Google, Capterra and Facebook to generate quality leads. We do it for our Channel Partners as well. Contact us if you wish to enroll.

  3. Email Marketing emphasizing the presence of your brand: You can also send some cold emails to the list you created to acquire more leads. Talk about all the USPs and the benefits of joining with eZee while portraying an aura of domain authority.

    How eZee can help?

    At eZee, we already regular engaging and promotional email campaigns, including a monthly newsletter to all our leads and clients, that includes your leads for eZee as well.

  4. Having an efficient website is an absolute necessity: Make sure you have an efficacious website on hand, with all the details of eZee products. Search Engine Optimized website will be a cherry on the icing. All your internet marketing traffic will be directed to this website or landing page, which will usher them to convert to leads. In the worst case scenario, you can redirect your audience to eZee websites as well.

We can also help you to build a new website or enhance an existing once.

Some honorable tactics to market eZee products practiced by Channel Partners include:-

  1. Optimizing the highest potential of your team, train them to effectively market the solutions through all the modes.
  2. You can pitch eZee products to your existing clients in the hospitality domain and upsell your services to them.
  3. Take advantage of your regional presence and localize your strategies. That will include translating the eZee websites, brochures and presentations to the local dialect to convey the message to your audience effectively.
  4. It also helps to maintain a favorable relationship with various people associated with hotels and restaurants. They are not only potential business but they will also help you spread the word of your business.

These are just a few of the many techniques you can adopt to boost your business. However, don’t take this as the gospel of marketing eZee solutions. Every business and every region have their own ways and means of making things work. Find out what works best for you in your locality and keep experimenting with it.

eZee is always there to help you!

Good luck.