Meet the team

Hi There,

Welcome to eZee Channel Partner Program.

Get yourself acquainted to Team eZee.

Our people are the best in the world. We love finding ways to make your life simpler, overcoming hurdles and create a fresh means of revenue for both of us.

We bring limitless energy and efficiency with our work everyday and behind all the technical details are a very inquisitive and talented team. We are a simple, friendly and approachable bunch of people.


This is Suhel Motiwala.
He is the VP of eZee’s Channel Partner Network. Owing to his love for adventure, meeting new people and taking challenges, Suhel is responsible for extending eZee’s Channel Partner network bringing in new partners. He is the initial point of contact for all channel partners and regularly keeps in touch with them for partner empowerment. He guides them throughout the Partnership process- evaluation, agreements, monitoring and more. In short, eZee’s keeping the entire team together, Suhel is the epicenter of eZee’s Channel Partner Network. An avid fan of watches, pens, birdwatching he also collects stamps and loves Arabic and Indian cuisine.


This is Nitesh Mishra.
He is responsible for bringing all new Channel Partners up to speed with eZee standards. In his free time, Nitesh loves strolling at the beach and playing cricket with his kid. He is often the ice-breaker in the conversation, all our Channel Partners love him for his humor as well as his ability to get things done.


This is Sagar Patel.
He takes care of the onboarding process of freshly enrolled Channel Partners. He will train you for everything from the hospitality industry to maintaining the CRM with leads update. He will guide you with various agreements, certificates, quotation, internal communication and more. In short A to Z of being eZee Channel Partner. He is one of the warmest person in eZee with a knack of adapting funny haircut.


This is Kruti Viral Jariwala
Our Channel Partners are in contact with her on a daily basis, she is the one who sends you all the eZee generated leads and keeps following for updates. Additionally, ask her for help and she is there to troubleshoot, help you for drafting pricing quotes for your clients, demo requests and more. She is the diva of eZee and loves to talk, be amidst nature and is often seen painting when free


This is Sriman Narayan.
He is the Moustache Man of eZee. The one who creates and maintains web accounts for Channel Partners and prepares quotes and invoices for the Channel Partners and reconciles their statements. He is awesome analyzing everything and somehow is quite an amazing cook- you should try his tamarind rice.


This is Dipesh Limbachiya
A Salman Khan fanatic, Dipesh is the one who will help you with online marketing of eZee solutions in your region. He will provide you with all the necessary resources that will give you in-depth product knowledge and updates about the latest feature update for all eZee solutions. He is an amazing dancer and is often found listening to Ellie Goulding's Love me like you do.


This is Nemil Shah.
He is the one who will be taking care of your website’s SEO and will make you famous through advertisements. In his free time he loves watching detective and spy movies. He is very fascinated by numerous conspiracies theories.

Design Team

Meet eZee’s Design team.
Lead by Viken Patel, our Design team helps our Channel Partner create or update their website as per the highest standards along with displaying eZee solutions on Partner website. They also design some cool marketing materials like brochures, banners and more which are used on multiple occasions like running promotional campaigns and exhibitions and more.

Support Team

This is eZee’s renounced technical support team.
They will be the one who will train you and your clients for using eZee’s cutting edge technology. As time goes, if you face any hindrance under circumstances from software implementation to training or any error, these engineers are eager to help and would come to your rescue. Additionally, they would gladly help troubleshoot any problems faced by your clients as well.