Acuity Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Acuity Business Solutions Partners in Synergy with eZee Technosys

Ahmed Ashraf

Partner Since: 2010

G.Floor, H.Amaanee, Sikka Goalhi, Malé 20082 , Maldives

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Background and Summary

Acuity Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. were a small IT solutions provider in the coast of Maldives Islands. As a result of the reseller partnership with eZee Technosys Pvt. Ltd. signed in 2010, they are now considered to be a novice of hospitality solutions provider at the tourist island.

In the past, the Maldives based Acuity Solutions were only trading ERP, accounting and retail solutions. In 2010, the company’s proprietor Mr. Ahmed Ahraf shook hands with eZee Technosys and have been marketing eZee’s cutting edge solutions in the region since.

Challenges in Business and eZee Support

Initially, the company faced a few hurdles as they were significantly new in the industry and lacked the knowledge and experience that hospitality industry demands. Additionally, the fact that, they are operating from a remote location took a toll on their sales. However, eZee has continuously assisted them in understanding the industry and upsurge sales. Additionally, on various occasions eZee’s management staff have personally visited Acuity which boosted their market reputation and aided them in becoming the market leader they are now.

What Acuity Business Solutions have to say About Us

Ahmed Ashraf, the proprietor of Acuity Solutions shares that, "Since partnering with eZee, my vision of becoming the sole hospitality solution provider in Maldives is close to reality. eZee has won my loyalty with their quick and effective response to all my queries and the customer/reseller feedback which is crucial to a productive partnership."

Furthermore, Acuity currently only market eZee’s complete hospitality solutions including eZee FrontDesk- desktop PMS, eZee Reservation- online booking engine, eZee Centrix- online channel manager and eZee BurrP! desktop based restaurant POS. Even though, the team of Acuity only consists on 5 member, they provide hospitality solutions to a huge client base in Maldives including some well-known properties like Seahouse, Transmaldivian Airways, Arena Beach Hotel, Airport Beach Hotel, Fern Boquete Inn etc.